Amazon decapitates the price of the Surface Pro 8 (-41%)


The Surface Pro 8 is a mix between a tablet and a laptop. It takes on the appearance of a tablet but the performance of a computer. It has two very interesting functions and it is for this reason that it is extremely popular. It has little competition because the product itself is very successful.

Amazon attacks this new edition of Black Friday as evidenced by this discount on the premium tablet. By choosing this model, you can take advantage of an immediate reduction of -40% on the hybrid tablet. But that’s not all, because there is an accessory included with this offer, which makes it even better. In detail, this pack includes the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and its keyboard at a price of 799 euros instead of 1,329 euros.

The Surface Pro 8 is at a crazy price on Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

If we knew that Amazon would still be able to surprise us during this special operation, it honors this assumption. Indeed, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is already selling very well at its initial price due to its good value for money, so it is surprising that the e-tailer is showing a reduction of this ilk despite the current event. This will increase the enthusiasm for the hybrid tablet, so it’s best to be quick to secure the deal before it runs out of stock.

What are the benefits of the Surface Pro 8?

The main quality of the Surface Pro 8 lies in the fact that it includes the advantages of a tablet and a computer in a single device. First, it has a 13-inch touch screen with a definition of 2880 x 1920 px. For comparison, the model is therefore the same size as Apple’s MacBook Air M1.

Besides this beautiful screen, the Surface Pro 8 can boast of weighing only 890 grams, it is on this point that it really resembles a classic tablet. And for good reason, it is light enough to be forgotten in the bottom of your bag when you go on the move or when you are on vacation, for example. By not exceeding the weight of 1 kilo, it does better than traditional laptops, even the MacBook Air M1, again.

As for the battery, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 does not have to be ashamed of its performance. It is capable of holding up to 16 hours with standard use. Even if you left your charger at home, you can get through your day’s work. To this, the manufacturer has added 2 speakers with the Dolby Atmos system as well as a photo sensor at the front and one at the back. You can use these technical elements for professional purposes for videoconferences or personal for films and series.

I take advantage of the offer

On the power side, the Surface Pro 8 capitalizes on its Intel i5 chip, the famous processors of the American specialist. It is therefore able to provide enough power to run all your applications, in addition to being supported by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage in the offer put forward by Amazon. Thus, you enjoy your favorite services through a seamless experience.

We recall that the Surface Pro 8 is accompanied by a keyboard included with this offer, the accessory has everything to transform it into a real laptop. You can choose to add a stylus and a mouse for even more comfort in use. Obviously, it is also possible to equip it with the Microsoft 365 office suite to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many others.

A crazy offer from Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has it all, the manufacturer is establishing its hegemony in the hybrid tablet market with a recent and powerful model. The device is already among the bestsellers at several merchants including Amazon, which shows that the brand has hit the mark with this great update. The screen is a little larger than that of its predecessor while its qualities are more premium, so this model has everything to meet your expectations, whether it’s for entertainment or work.

With this offer, Amazon presents the best price on the Surface Pro 8, not to mention that it is the only one to display a pack including an Azerty keyboard in addition to the hybrid tablet. If your device is getting tired or it no longer works, now is the time to conclude this deal with the merchant. We are not likely to see a more advantageous rate by the end of the year, because Black Friday has already started and the amounts no longer drop when the offers are online.

Choosing the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 means enjoying the best price, but also the best advantages. It’s exactly like getting the hybrid tablet from the official brand, except the price is better from the merchant. Thus, we find the two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the site. At the same time, the free delivery is carried out within a few days, you do not have to wait very long to find yourself with the device in your hands.

In case you still have the slightest doubt, we remind you that the return period runs until January 31, 2023 on Amazon. That’s more than enough time to return the Surface Pro 8 if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, which we highly doubt. Beware of stock shortages, they will arrive extremely quickly at the merchant.

The Microsoft Surface Pro hybrid tablet has a crazy price on Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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