Samsung torpedoes the Galaxy S22 at a crazy price


The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the standard model of the latest range made official by the brand. Available for less than a year, this premium smartphone has all the qualities to compete with the iPhone. Where it does better is at the level of the price, because it is largely down at Cdiscount on the occasion of Black Friday.

More clearly, the Samsung Galaxy S22 drops to a price of only 599 euros instead of 859 euros at Cdiscount. At the same time, it should be added that the premium smartphone is also available at 599 euros on the brand’s official website. You therefore have two options for obtaining the bestseller at a reduced price during this special operation, but you will have to act quickly, whichever option you choose.

The Galaxy S22 is available at a discounted price from merchants, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

I take advantage of the offer on Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was released less than a year ago and it never got such a discount. It is therefore the first time that it has been found for less than 600 euros on Cdiscount as on the official store. However, the smartphone is regularly out of stock with merchants, this is the case as soon as it is entitled to the slightest discount. If you are tempted by this model at a really reduced price, we advise you not to wait a few more hours.

What are the qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S22?

In February 2022, Samsung lifted the veil on its latest premium generation during a dedicated event. In this range of three models, the Galaxy S22 is positioned as the classic version, it is accompanied by two even more premium phones, but which are logically more expensive. This variation is the best option for this month of November, especially with this unprecedented price. As for the details of its technical sheet, we first find a beautiful 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen coupled with a refresh rate that varies between 48 to 120 Hz depending on the content displayed. The slab is magnificent, the manufacturer establishes its status as a leader in this area.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 does not stop there, the smartphone also relies on good image quality. This is powered by the front sensor and a triple sensor that the brand has installed in the upper corner within a small block with elegant finishes. The module is made of a 50MP wide-angle, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle and a 10MP telephoto lens. The result is appreciable day and night, the phone ranks among the best photophones of 2022.

For battery life, the Galaxy S22 houses a 3,700mAh battery that comes with 25W fast charging. To put it simply, you can therefore use it for a day and a half without needing to recharge it. To this, the manufacturer adds an Exynos 2200 chip, a processor designed by the brand for its smartphones. Top of the range, it runs all mobile applications smoothly for a pleasant experience on a daily basis and even with the most energy-demanding services. As usual, the brand capitalizes on the One UI overlay which is itself based on Android.

I take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

In addition to its solid technical characteristics, the Samsung Galaxy S22 benefits from a very appreciable design which is also based on a beautiful screen/body ratio. We appreciate its premium and sober finishes at the same time for slightly rounded edges. In the end, it allows a good grip on a daily basis.

How to take advantage of the smartphone at a low price?

If you are seduced by the technical qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S22, the only rule is to be fast. Black Friday is a special operation open to everyone, as opposed to sales or private sales, for example. This is why it presents itself as the biggest event of the year in France. Given its popularity, it attracts millions of customers every year and stockouts always happen very quickly.

Whether at Cdiscount or elsewhere, the best offers don’t last more than a few hours before falling victim to their success. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is obviously one of the nuggets of this edition, it’s one more element that should lead you to pass the course without delay. In addition, we can already say that the premium smartphone will not be entitled to such a low price by the end of the year when this nugget will have disappeared.

With Cdiscount and Samsung, the advantages are exactly the same when you order. The first is the free delivery which is carried out within a few working days after the order. Then, there is also the two-year manufacturer’s warranty in all cases.

If there is one point on which Cdiscount does better than Samsung, it is the withdrawal period. It runs until January 8, 2023 at the merchant, where the brand remains at the usual 14 days. This period gives you the opportunity to return the device free of charge for a full refund afterwards. If you take it from the French site, you can even offer it at Christmas during the end-of-year celebrations without risking having it on your hands if it does not convince its recipient.

The Galaxy S22 is displayed at an exceptional price, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer on Cdiscount

I take advantage of the offer on Samsung

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