since this morning, Amazon has been carnage on prices ⚡️


This Friday morning, Amazon officially started Black Friday. The American site will offer its French customers discounts galore for 10 days. The offers are all available as of today and they will not be improved over time. We advise you to take advantage of it now to avoid being out of stock.

Last year for Black Friday, Amazon had already rewarded us with the same system: the offers are all revealed and last for 10 days. However, we quickly had thousands of stock-outs due to the public’s enthusiasm. This year it will be even stronger with the issue of purchasing power and inflation.

Shopping during Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac allows you to make substantial savings on all types of products. Tech is still very well represented on the internet, but other categories are eligible: toys, culture, decoration, DIY, etc. Everyone can find references that they like with substantial discounts.

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Black Friday for 10 days

This Black Friday, Amazon isn’t the only merchant keeping people going. Most of its direct rivals like Cdiscount or Fnac have also decided to extend their Black Friday from this Friday, November 18 until Monday, November 28. The latter is also called Cyber ​​Monday and it specializes in tech offers. That said, until then, there will be mostly stockouts.

The general public in France therefore has two weekends to do business on purchases. Black Friday always knows two peaks of popularity in France: the first days are absolutely decisive for getting the best deals, and Friday (25) of the real Black Friday convinces a lot of people. Meanwhile, there is also a level of consumption that is important on good deals.

On this page, we have decided to update the best Black Friday offers on Amazon and others on a daily basis. On this single day of Friday, we will update the best offers that we have gathered between the different merchant platforms. We update the prices when we see a change. Always take into account the final price on the website.

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Our focus is the high-tech part, and it’s also the most popular in e-commerce. Quite simply because tech products are standardized and it is therefore easy to buy them on the internet. It’s very different from other themes like furniture, beauty products or clothes. For Black Friday, Amazon therefore has a very wide offer on electronic and computer products.

The high end of tech on Amazon

As you can see, the most beautiful brands are still there for this 2022 edition of Black Friday. There are reductions on Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or even Dyson and Sony. This is the strength of an Amazon, for example: it offers discounts on prestigious brands and popular products. You will therefore not be entitled to popular stock purposes.

On the other hand, it should also be understood that the reductions are not always -80% during Black Friday. When Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac are already offering 20 to 40% discounts on the latest products, it’s a very good deal. We remind you that e-commerce players are not allowed to sell at a loss, so they will trim their margins for this Black Friday in order to offer the best deals.

Black Friday and the sales stand out on all these points: certainly, the sales allow you to sell at a loss (under certain conditions), but the quality of the offers is often very average. Conversely, Black Friday does not allow merchants to sell at a loss, but their offers are much more attractive. There are major brands and recent products, which is not the case with the sales.

It is for all these reasons that Black Friday on Amazon has taken over all the other operations of the year. The merchant has succeeded in draining the enthusiasm of other French e-merchants to bet everything on Black Friday. Today, they have modified the allocation of their budgets to focus on this operation a few weeks before Christmas. This makes it an event that is always more anticipated.

We will still note an advantage at Amazon for this Black Friday: it allows you to return your purchases until January 31, 2023. Its counterparts only offer 14 days of respite to retract. At Amazon, you can therefore buy now, give at Christmas and send back later if the gift has not had the desired effect. It’s a good way not to take risks for gifts.

But before worrying about returns, you must first manage to get through stock shortages. From this Friday of Black Friday, we can expect that. This was already the case last year and this year should not change much. E-merchants are worried about this point but unfortunately they can’t do much about it.

To see this Friday’s offers, it’s here:

See offers on Amazon

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