The beginning of the end for Marvel? Fans are getting tired of their superheroes


For more than ten years now, superhero films produced by Marvel and DC Comics have been setting the tone within the film industry. They also largely dominate the box office, even if certain warning signs are there to alert the two studios. So in 2022 it’s the movie Top Gun: Maverick which recorded the most revenue worldwide, ahead of highly anticipated MCU films, such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Where Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel retains assets

So, are we witnessing a weariness on the part of the public? This is the question asked by the Fandom platform in a survey. This survey made it possible to question 5,000 pop-culture fans aged 13 to 54.

One main finding stands out: 36% of MCU fans say they feel tired of superheroes. One of the reasons for this is that they are much more likely than average to watch anything Marvel produces. And it must be said that the studio is extremely prolific, releasing many films and series each year.

Another interesting fact, and more reassuring for the Disney studio, Fandom has divided fans into several distinct categories. And it turns out Marvel’s audience is heavily represented in the advocates category, those viewers” deeply invested in the saga and who see themselves as fully members of the community.

They are also very numerous among the “intentionists”, these fans who are very influenced by the marketing and critical reception of productions. They are also very likely to go to the cinema in the first fortnight of the release of an MCU feature film.

There is no doubt that the Marvel teams will analyze these results well. They are not catastrophic, but should encourage them to show even more ingenuity and creativity, even if it is known that the domination of superhero films cannot last forever.

Mixed results for DC Comics

This study was also interested in DC fans with contrasting results there too. They thus say they are a little less tired of superhero films, and only 20% of them believe that there are a little too many productions in this universe. Similarly, 67% of franchise enthusiasts say they are looking with interest for information on the studio’s upcoming projects. What put a little balm in the heart to James Gunn who has just taken the head of DC Comics.

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