With its XL bonuses, this mobile bank has everything to seduce you


Changing banks is much easier than it looks. Above all, you have the full right to hold two accounts at the same time: you can thus test a new establishment without separating your current account.

Renowned for their low prices and their complete range of products, are online banks the new El Dorado? It would seem so. To be sure, nothing better than to test yourself. Right now and until November 18, 2022, Orange Bank gives you (yet another) argument to open an account there.

In this case, the online banking of the telecom operator Orange allows you to receive up to 140 euros in bonuses for opening a current account, if you subscribe to their Premium card or Premium Pack offer. Be careful, this special offer only lasts a few days before going down to its basic level.

Open an Orange Bank account

A bounty cut into three pieces

By offering a bonus of 140 euros, Orange Bank is officially positioned as the most generous online bank on the market. Its bonus is divided into three parts, knowing that a slice is exclusively reserved for new customers who are at the same time already a customer of the telecom operator Orange.

The first part amounts to 40 euros and it will be paid to all those who have subscribed to a Premium card or a Premium Pack with Orange Bank. These cost respectively 7.99 euros and 12.99 euros per month. The Premium Pack, ideal for families, currently has an offer for the first three months (7.99 euros).

The second installment is 50 euros and is conditioned by a volume of activity over the first month: it will be necessary to carry out at least 10 operations before the end of the month following the opening of a first bank account (payment or withdrawal with card or mobile). No minimum transaction amount is required. In such a scenario, you will then receive 50 euros more.

Finally, a third bonus of 50 euros will be reserved for Orange customers (who benefit from Orange Bank from a 50% cashback on all their subscriptions thanks to the Premium card). To do this, you will therefore have to be a customer of the Orange operator (Internet, telephone) and set up the direct debit of your Orange bills on your new Orange Bank bank account. If you meet these three conditions, you will therefore receive 140 euros in welcome bonuses.

Why choose Orange Bank?

In less than 5 years, Orange Bank has established itself as a reference in the French banking landscape. By offering a range of simple and useful banking products, it appeals to the general public: 1.9 million French people trust it. Orange customers can also open their Orange Bank account in a few clicks, without having to send all the traditional documents.

To meet the needs of its customers, Orange Bank has set up three offers: the Standard card (free), the Premium card (€7.99/month) and the Premium Pack (€7.99/month for 3 months then €12.99/month). For everyday banking use, the Premium card will offer maximum flexibility. In particular, it gives you access to a Premium bank card, similar to a Visa Premier, which includes insurance and guarantees, no fees on payments and withdrawals (everywhere in the world) or even cashback on your purchases and subscriptions. Orange.

The Premium pack is intended for collective use, ideal for two or as a family. It includes a Premium card and the possibility of offering a second Premium card free of charge to a loved one of their choice, as well as up to 5 bank cards for children between 10 and 17 years old (with a parental control system) . Orange Bank is the only online bank to offer a formula that perfectly meets the needs of a complete family.

In addition to these three bank cards, customers obviously benefit from a current account. Accessible from a mobile application (iOS or Android) and via a website, this account displays the account balance in real time. From these interfaces, you can also subscribe to various more traditional products such as a Savings Account or various Personal Loans (for your car projects, work, travel, etc.).

Designed natively on mobile, Orange Bank has been recognized as one of the best smartphone banking applications. It obtained a score of 4.6/5 (out of more than 71,000 reviews) on the Apple App Store, as well as the title of “best banking application 2022” on the occasion of the Moneyvox Trophies. Of course, it is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile payment.

Between March 14 and 18, Orange Bank is therefore offering 3 exceptional bonuses, worth up to 140 euros in total, to its new customers. If you were planning to open an account there, now is the time. This is one of the best welcome offers we have seen at Orange since its launch in 2017.

To discover the current offer and the associated conditions at Orange Bank, it’s here:

Open an Orange Bank account

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