Reference of the field, the VR headset Meta Quest 2 collapses at Amazon


Meta is the name of the Facebook group. It obviously includes social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp but it also has a division around virtual reality. After acquiring the Oculus group behind the first quality consumer virtual headset, it decided to rename this model Meta Quest.

Today, the Meta Quest 2 is the most powerful VR headset available to the general public. If you want to test virtual reality and understand the craze around this technology, this is the best (and only) headset that offers such an immersive experience. If many actors talk about VR, Meta is the only one to invest so much in it.

Since its release, the Meta Quest 2 has mostly been out of stock. And when it’s available, it’s never discounted…except today. For Black Friday, Amazon is offering an unprecedented discount on this VR headset. Whether it’s for yourself or for a gift, now is the perfect time to get started. The model with 128 GB of storage goes to 399 euros instead of 499 euros, and it also includes the two reference games on the headset (Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber).

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

Since Meta’s VR headset is wireless and totally autonomous (a screen is integrated into the headset), the question of storage is important. You can also enjoy a version of this Meta Quest 2 with 256 GB of storage for 489 euros instead of 549 euros. Here too, Amazon includes the two most popular video games on the VR platform. So you have the full experience to get started in virtual reality.

I take advantage of the 256 GB headset

Whether it is the 128 GB version or the one with 256 GB, it is obvious that they will both be taken by storm. If you are looking for a new experience in technology, this is one of the most accomplished and original there is. Thanks to the two joysticks that are included in the Meta Quest 2 box, you will be able to navigate through different interfaces of the Oculus Home to download games or access services (such as VR videos from YouTube, Netflix in VR etc).

An excellent VR headset

A good virtual reality headset is a headset that should be forgotten and that offers a truly immersive experience. That’s all the Meta Quest 2 headset offers, which doesn’t need a connection to a computer or console to work. Once it’s charged, just put it on your head (thanks to a discreet strap) and enjoy the scenery in VR. On the positive side, it only weighs 503 grams, which is reasonable.

In the VR headset, you will find a quality LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This ensures maximum fluidity which really allows you to feel elsewhere. There are possible adjustments in this Meta Quest 2 such as the distance between your two pupils for the rendering to be as realistic as possible.

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

Once you have connected the virtual reality headset to Wi-Fi, you can then access a whole bunch of services and applications. The two games mentioned above are only a small part of the whole catalog (although they are among the most popular). With your storage space directly on the headset, you can download dozens of video games or other videos. Everything is done in a very intuitive way, you will be able to spend hours there.

Amazon offers a triple benefit

For Black Friday, Amazon promised us to drop prices drastically. It respects its commitment with substantial reductions on many very popular products such as this Meta Quest 2. The virtual reality headset which is really never on sale therefore sees its price drop by 50 and 60 euros respectively depending on the storage capacity that you will choose.

As you probably know, Amazon is extending its Black Friday from November 18 to 28. The merchant said that all offers would be available from day one, so there’s no point in waiting. But to be completely honest and transparent with you, he commits to a price guarantee. If the price of this Meta Quest 2 VR headset were to drop further between now and the fun of the operation, it will refund you the difference. So you can buy with your eyes closed, being sure to have the best price.

Finally, the last strong point of the merchant on this Meta Quest 2 helmet (and on all the other products in its catalog) is that it offers a much longer return period. He knows that the French use Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping. Rather than giving a minimum right of withdrawal of 14 days, it gives them until January 31, 2023 to return the products. This allows you to offer this VR headset at Christmas and if you don’t like it, send it back for a refund.

All these arguments make Amazon going to make a success of its Black Friday. Seeing offers like the one on the number 1 virtual reality headset is extremely pleasing. It is obvious that this model will be taken by storm and that it may not survive the weekend. Amazon has warned that all of its stocks are low, including those on these Meta Quest 2 128 GB and 256 GB. We therefore invite you to be quick so as not to miss out.

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

I take advantage of the 256 GB headset

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