Sold out, the iPhone 14s are already a big hit on Black Friday


Cdiscount starts this new edition of Black Friday with a bang with an unprecedented offer on the iPhone 14. Ultra recent, this smartphone benefits from technical characteristics that place it among the best phones in 2022. We could not imagine that it would have handed over during this operation which only takes place a few weeks after their release.

These iPhone 14s benefit from a discount as part of a pack put forward by Cdiscount. The French retailer associates the new iPhone 14 in 128 GB version with the AirPods 2. These two products together cost only 999 euros in total against 1158 euros in normal times. The iPhone 14 alone costs more than those two products combined, so you’re bound to get a good deal.

To discover this flash sale, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

With this flash offer from Cdiscount, you save a lot of money on the iPhone 14 and AirPods. If we compare with the previous ranges, you had to wait at least a year after the release of the smartphones to be entitled to a small offer. It is therefore crazy that the merchant takes advantage of the operation to lower prices in this way. In return, we obviously recommend that you do it as soon as possible to be sure of being entitled to it. There is a risk of out of stock.

Why choose this iPhone 14 without delay?

If this offer on the iPhone 14 is crazy, it’s also because Apple never lowers its prices, whether in store or online. Since its arrival on the market, the manufacturer has always kept the same prices, whether a special operation like Black Friday or the sales are in progress. Therefore, it is therefore impossible to find discounts on its sales channels, you must necessarily turn to resellers like Cdiscount.

In the great game of flash sales, it is Cdiscount who wins with this discount on the iPhone 14. At the time of writing, no other e-merchant is able to follow with a similar offer. The current offer is accessible to all provided that the stock is still available. As soon as it disappears, Cdiscount will delete the page in question.

I take advantage of the offer

Like other merchants, Cdiscount displays its best offers during Black Friday. As soon as they are out of stock, they disappear permanently until the next event. Suffice to say immediately that the balances will not be part of it since it is a destocking operation only. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 14s aren’t likely to come with such an aggressive discount anytime soon. Note that the advantages are exactly the same as with Apple, you benefit from free delivery, a period of 14 days to change your mind and the two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

An attractive technical sheet

This iPhone 14 has everything of a small nugget, as evidenced by its technical data sheet which allows it to easily compete with the best smartphones in the world such as the latest models from Samsung. To do this, it first relies on a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a definition of 2532 x 1170 and a resolution of 460 dpi. Apart from the Pro version, all the other models of this generation are larger, they are aimed at a more specific audience, where this size is perfectly suitable for the greatest number.

On the photo side, the latest iPhone 14 can boast of its 12 Mpx selfie sensor with autofocus accompanied by a photo module sensor consisting of a 12 Mpx main lens and a 12 Mpx wide-angle lens as well. To this, Apple has added a new processing algorithm which is capable of improving the quality of photos in low light. It is therefore effective even in a dark environment, where the previous version is less convincing.

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 are entitled to the A15 Bionic chip, the same as the iPhone 13. In short, it is still powerful and efficient to run all your mobile applications, whether games mobiles or heavier services such as image processing, for example. At the same time, the autonomy is good, you have enough to last more than a day and a half in general-purpose use, it is also an improvement compared to the previous model.

Obviously, the latest iPhone 14 takes advantage of Apple’s other advantages, namely a high-flying design with sleek and modern finishes that are worthy of the Apple brand. In addition, there is logically iOS, the operating system designed by Apple to offer a fluid experience and ultra-fast handling even if it is your first iPhone. In short, this model has everything to be talked about again this year, especially with the discount from Cdiscount.

The iPhone 14 and AirPods 2 are displayed at low prices at Cdiscount, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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