Amazon is selling off the past model at a staggering price


On one side, you have the new generation of iPhone 14s. On the other, you have the iPhone 13s that were released a year ago. Between the two, which one to choose? It’s a fact: the iPhone 14 have now all exceeded 1,000 euros, Apple justifying this surprise increase by inflation and the rise of the dollar against the euro. In fact, many criticize the product because its production cost is lower than that of an iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13s are still relevant today and they differ very little from the last generation. On the other hand, there is a huge price gap. The latter is even more obvious with a strong reduction from Amazon for Black Friday. If you opt for the 128 GB model, whatever the color, it drops to 849 euros instead of 909 euros.

I take advantage of the offer

If you are looking for excellent value for money for a high-end smartphone, you have found it. When you know that Apple never wants to make direct discounts so as not to harm its brand image, turning to an official retailer is a good option. Be careful, few are those who have the right to make discounts. Amazon is one of them and this offer on the iPhone 13 is the best illustration of it.

Why the iPhone 13 remains excellent?

To understand why the iPhone 13 is still relevant, just compare it with the iPhone 14. The differences between the two are minimal: their design is strictly the same with sharp edges and a magnificent 6.1 OLED screen. inches. There is always Face ID which is hidden under the notch in the upper part of the screen and which allows you to unlock the smartphone.

In terms of performance under the hood, we find the same A15 Bionic processor in both models. Apple promises that there is a small performance improvement between the two models. It’s possible but it’s not felt: the iPhone 13 remains a monster of power and the A15 Bionic processor is among the most high-end on the market.

Still according to Apple, there would be an improvement on the photo part and on the autonomy part. According to our tests, the results are almost identical, so it is difficult to say which is the best. In any case, the price difference between the 128 GB models of version 13 and version 14 is not justified. In the end, adding almost a quarter of the price (i.e. 200 euros) between the 2021 and 2022 generation is not justified in our opinion.

I take advantage of the offer

By buying this iPhone 13 through Amazon and not in an official Apple store, you have the same service and the same guarantees. Once it is delivered to you, you can then register it on the Apple site and enjoy all the services like the Genius Bar. If you have any questions, you can take your iPhone 13 to an Apple Store and get answers. Apple makes no distinction about where you purchased your smartphone, as long as it’s an official retailer.

Amazon no longer mess with Apple

For a very long time, Amazon was not allowed to have Apple products in its catalog. Since 2018, this is now the case. It took a few more years to see the e-commerce giant be able to offer discounts on smartphones, tablets and other computers from the apple brand. This is also the case on this iPhone 13 128 GB.

On the Amazon site, we saw at the start of Black Friday a discount on the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, which is more efficient. Please note the price is not the same since it starts at 1479 euros. It is therefore in your best interest to opt for this iPhone 13 which is almost half the price and which still offers the full Apple experience. You have a fully functional smartphone that is completely up to date. From an aesthetic point of view, they look alike.

If you want to treat yourself (or someone else) for Christmas, Amazon gives you more time on your right of withdrawal. Against a month in normal times, it offers to return all Black Friday purchases until January 31, 2023. This allows you to offer it at Christmas and return it if the model does not ultimately please its beneficiary. It’s a real flexibility for an iPhone 13 which remains a fairly expensive luxury item.

In addition, Amazon guarantees you the best price for this iPhone 13 throughout the Black Friday period. If the model were to see its price drop further by November 28, Amazon will refund you the difference. It is therefore in your best interest to make your purchases as soon as possible to avoid out of stock. In any case, you are sure to have the lowest price over the entire period between November 18 and 28.

For less than 850 euros, this iPhone 13 128 GB is a perfect choice. You will notice that Amazon also offers a discount of 60 euros on all the storage capacities of this iPhone 13. So you can get the same discount on the iPhone 13 with 256 GB or even 512 GB. For those who take lots of photos and videos, it’s a way to be quiet over time and not be limited by the available space.

To discover this iPhone 13, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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