Apple makes a mistake, its MacBooks and iMacs collapse on Amazon


Like every year, the Amazon merchant was expected to pull out all the stops for Black Friday. This edition is beyond our expectations on the e-commerce site, because the American leader has simply decided to cut the prices of Apple computers with offers never seen in the past. While MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros are targeted, even the latest models, the latest iMac is also at a discount.

Many offers are in progress on Amazon, here are the details.

Apple’s MacBooks and iMacs are available at a reduced price on Amazon, it’s this way:

Discover the MacBook Air M1

Discover the MacBook Pro M2

Which MacBook should you choose from Apple?

Before jumping on the current discounts on Amazon, it is worth looking a little more in detail at the technical sheets of the MacBooks put forward for Black Friday. In fact, this should help you choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. On the one hand, we find the MacBook Air, they are light and robust at the same time, these are the models most appreciated by the general public within the Apple range.

MacBook Air, light and efficient models

The MacBook Air M1 was made official by Apple in the year 2020, it is the first model to be equipped with the M1 chip designed by Apple. This brings a performance boost of madness compared to the previous generation, whether in terms of processor or graphics. With this discount, it goes below the 1,000 euro mark to establish itself as the most accessible version on Amazon.

Discover the MacBook Air M1

Otherwise, the MacBook Air M2 is the latest model in this same range, it also has an Apple chip. Its characteristics are quite similar to those of the MacBook Air M1, but its design changes. Indeed, the brand offers a better screen-to-body ratio, as it has integrated the camera directly into a small notch on the front alongside the 13.6-inch screen. Its price is nevertheless higher than that of its predecessor with a price of 1,419 euros. Very recent, we can only be surprised that it is already accompanied by a reduction on Amazon.

Discover the MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Pro, monsters of power

On the other side, the Pro versions present themselves as ultra premium laptops. They are perfect if you need very advanced performance to work, for example, in the image field. The MacBook Pro M1 Pro is the most powerful device pushed by these offerings today with an extremely capable chip, 512GB of storage and a 16-inch screen. The featured version costs 2,389 euros on Amazon: this -13% discount is unprecedented for the merchant, but also unmatched on all other e-commerce sites.

Discover the MacBook Pro M1 Pro

If you are looking for a very balanced and powerful Pro version at the same time, it is the latest MacBook Pro M2 that should be favored during these flash sales on Amazon. With a price below 1,400 euros, it is perfect for offering crazy performance while benefiting from a 13-inch screen.

Discover the MacBook Pro M2

Otherwise, you can also choose the latest iMac M1. This desktop computer offers an exceptional upgrade over its predecessors. Its design changes for more modernity, where it is equipped with the Apple M1 chip to provide a very pleasant experience on a daily basis. At less than 1,500 euros, it’s also a crazy opportunity.

Discover the iMac M1

Amazon relies on advantages of excellence

For Black Friday, Amazon is capitalizing on two strong advantages that allow it to get ahead of the competition. First, it pushes its return period to January 31, 2023, no other merchant can do as well even during this special operation. If you want to get your Christmas presents right away while taking advantage of the lowest prices, like Apple’s MacBooks and iMacs, it’s possible. You order immediately, you offer at the end of the year celebrations and you send back in January to be reimbursed if it does not suit.

Amazon has another exceptional argument in its luggage, it is the guarantee of the best price. If you find better than these offers during Black Friday, which is until November 28, he will refund you the difference on the product you ordered from him. The merchant being known for his simplicity, you only have to notify him, offer competition in support, to receive the sum concerned. This applies to all MacBook Air and Pro as well as the iMac, of course.

Note that delivery is free on Amazon and that each MacBook benefits from Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty when you order from the merchant. The brand never making offers on its own products, we can already say that these flash sales will go very quickly. If you plan to change your computer, now is the time to secure these unprecedented prices.

Apple’s MacBooks and iMacs are getting crazy discounts on Amazon, it’s over here:

Discover the MacBook Pro M2

Discover the MacBook Air M1

Discover the iMac M1

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