Nord Stream, Boeing X-37, console wars and IPTV


Contents this week: two “dark ships” could be involved in the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines, NASA announces the return of the Boing X-37 to Earth after two and a half years of a secret mission, Microsoft admits that it has lost the console war and the Italian police who are taking down a sprawling pirate IPTV network.

Nord Stream: Are these two strange “dark ships” involved?

North Stream

The satellite imagery company SpaceKnow spotted two ships without transponders the day of the explosion of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, very close to the scene of the disaster. The involvement of these vessels in what many countries describe as sabotage has not yet been confirmed – however the area is one of the most frequented areas for maritime navigation, and the boats circulating there must imperative to be equipped with an active transponder to be seen by other vessels and avoid collisions. The absence of transponders on these two vessels spotted by satellites is therefore all the more disturbing.

Secret Boing X-37 plane returns to Earth after two and a half years of mission


The Boeing X-37 is a kind of mini space shuttle that was put into service as early as 2010. Since then, the X-37 has carried out mysterious missions in orbit for periods of up to several years. Few details filter on the missions in question, all covered by the secret-defense. The most popular theory is that the shuttle is used by the US military to develop new military technologies. The automated shuttle thus returned to Earth over the weekend. She had been in orbit for two and a half years.

Microsoft admits losing console wars after PS4 release

Xbox Platinum Achievements

Microsoft has just made an unfavorable confidence about its market share in consoles. To understand the context, you should know that the firm must currently provide many documents and various and varied insurance because of its takeover of Activision Blizzard studios. The European Commission fears that this will give Microsoft a dominant position. This prompted the firm to talk about its biggest competitor. According to the firm, Sony sold “more than twice as much as PS4” Microsoft only managed to sell Xbox One.

Italian police crack down on sprawling pirate IPTV network


Italian police announce a series of seizures across Italy to bring down a huge pirate network and a galaxy of illegal IPTV sites that collectively total an estimated 900,000 subscribers. No other details have leaked out on the names of the targeted sites or the precise status of the seizures and searches. The police offensive is still ongoing.

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