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Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac are taking center stage for this Black Friday. They are joined by live brands that display discounts on their site. To help you gather the best offers for this Sunday, we have prepared a list for you. This has changed compared to yesterday due to the ruptures.

It’s always the same story from one edition to another: Black Friday on Amazon and others is once again a victim of out of stock. Within 48 hours, many references are no longer available on these e-commerce sites. Due to production concerns, manufacturers were unable to supply enough merchants.

It is therefore necessary to know how to hurry so as not to have to suffer this sad fate. You have all the more advantage of doing so: Amazon always guarantees you the best price throughout Black Friday. As a reminder, this actor – like Fnac and Cdiscount – is holding the operation from November 18 to Monday November 28. So what does it mean that the best price is guaranteed for the customer?

This implies that all your purchases on Amazon ensure you get the best price on Black Friday. If, for example, you buy a product on this Sunday, November 20 and it drops a few extra euros in one or two days, Amazon will refund you the difference. You will therefore be automatically adjusted to the lowest price for the entire period. It’s unprecedented in the history of Amazon, it’s a great promise.

Why is Black Friday so popular?

Black Friday is not a recent event, although it was imported to France only ten years ago. In reality, this operation was born in the 1960s in the United States to help traders end the year well. It is for this reason that it is called β€œBlack” in reference to the financial accounts of companies which went from red to green thanks to this operation.

It must be said that Black Friday also falls at a good time, which gives it this success. At the end of November, it is about three weeks from Christmas. In a study published by Fevad, we learn that 43% of French people use this opportunity to make gifts at a lower cost. And they are right since the discounts can be very generous on thousands of references.

If Amazon does not communicate on the number of discounted references, you are guaranteed that there are hundreds of pages of bargains. It is even quite difficult to find your way around. That’s why we’ve put together the selection above to help you find the best deals quickly. It aggregates offers from Amazon as well as those from Fnac, Cdiscount or other players.

With the scale of Black Friday in France, brands also wanted to participate. Rather than relying solely on reseller platforms like Amazon or Fnac, they establish a direct link with their customers via their official website. On the list above, you can therefore discover companies like Samsung, Dyson or Emma who have offers on their official store.

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Amazon takes over this event

Inevitably, Amazon, which helped to establish Black Friday in France, wants to secure a good part of the market share. He does it wonderfully by putting all the chances on his side. It offers us a real show with discounts on the biggest brands available in all sectors. High-tech gives way to discounts on Apple, Samsung, Sony or LG. Household appliances on Dyson, iRobot or Roborock.

Since people take advantage of Black Friday to buy their Christmas gifts, Amazon and Cdiscount wanted to do them a favor. While the legal right of withdrawal for customers is 14 days in France, these two e-merchants extend it exceptionally for this operation. Both allow purchases to be returned through January.

This means an important thing: you can do the Christmas gifts now during Black Friday on Amazon and Cdiscount. Then, if they don’t please the recipient who will open it for the holiday season, you can take it back and send it back to Amazon. He will reimburse you in the process and this will then allow you to use this money to buy another gift. It’s a real guarantee not to have any disappointment during the holidays.

Between this advantage and the best price guarantee, Amazon has everything to make Black Friday a huge success. The merchant site does better each year than the previous year and it should succeed in doing the same again for this edition. There has already been a first sign of the success of the operation: since this Friday, there are several prestigious references that are no longer available. This means that the general public’s appetite is strong for Black Friday.

Black Friday is not just about Amazon and it is challenged by French players. Fnac and Cdiscount are doing very well and we invite you this Sunday to take a look at each of these two sites. There are very good deals to grab on thousands of references. They too have already fully launched their operation, so there will be no big news in the days to come.

To participate, it’s here:

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