Amazon crushes the price of the Nintendo Switch, pure madness


We really did not expect to see the Nintendo Switch at a reduced price during Black Friday. Indeed, it is during this period that the console sells best – and without any reduction. However, Amazon wants to thank its customers for their loyalty and thus gives them a crazy opportunity to save on the precious sesame.

Amazon sells this portable console as part of a bundle: it includes the Nintendo Switch console, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game and 3 months of NSO subscription for the tidy sum of 269 euros instead of 329 euros. When you know that the bare console was still sold for 329 euros a few months ago, it’s an excellent deal.

I enjoy the Switch

Obviously, you will need a first game to start enjoying the Nintendo Switch. Getting started with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is almost a must. The portable game console with its two Joy-Con (controllers) is very playful for this type of racing game. Indeed, you can share the screen with a second person and embark on a frantic race.

The Nintendo Switch can be used in different ways: first of all, you can use it as a handheld GameBoy-like console. You have the two controllers by default on each side of the screen and you can play it alone. Alternatively, you can also detach them and play with two people with the screen laid to the side. This is what you see in the image above. Finally, there is the possibility of plugging it into a screen or a TV to have the ultimate experience.

The Nintendo Switch as a complement

If you are looking for a game console for all audiences, the Nintendo Switch is the great reference in 2022. It is the one that will offer the best non-violent gaming experience to young and old audiences. Everyone can find games that will bring back memories or create lasting memories. It’s a small console that is made to be used by several people.

The Nintendo console comes as a complement to a home console like the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. We remind you, however, that these two models from Sony and Microsoft have been out of stock since their release. So you have almost no chance of enjoying it for the end of the year celebrations. If you’re looking for Nintendo’s latest console, this Switch model will do the trick.

Insofar as the Nintendo Switch can be transported everywhere, it differs from consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The latter are installed in a living room and in general, they are not moved. The Switch, you can play it in transport, in the car or even on your vacation spot. It has a relatively compact size and it is robust, so it can be transported everywhere.

I enjoy the Switch

It is for this reason that it complements other game consoles. Admittedly, the graphics are not as advanced, but that is also what makes the charm of the Nintendo Switch console. In addition to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can also access other major gaming universe licenses such as Zelda or Minecraft.

Crazy Nintendo consoles on Amazon

Amazon is not pretending for Black Friday and the Nintendo Switch is the best illustration of this. This game console is very rarely entitled to discounts. It is therefore a very good offer that the American merchant is making to you just a few weeks before Christmas. You can therefore take advantage of a nice discount of 60 euros on the best-selling portable game console in the world.

If you’re unsure about your Christmas purchase, Amazon lets you think until January 31, 2023 to return the console. If the recipient doesn’t like it, you can return it to the merchant and get a refund. It is a real flexibility that we do not find elsewhere: the other merchants are limited for the most part to the 14 working days which are compulsory in France.

What is certain is that the Nintendo Switch will not remain available for long at this price. The Japanese console will be one of the best-sellers for the months of November and December on all the major e-commerce sites. It is a majority of Switch sales that are made over this period. It must be said that it is a Christmas gift that makes the consensus and that will appeal to adults and children alike.

Also note that the American platform now guarantees you the best price for the entire duration of its operation. Even if the Nintendo Switch were to tumble a little lower (which is unlikely) before November 28, Amazon will refund you the difference. He announced that there would be no new offers and it is therefore consistent with this promise which therefore seems obvious.

Why does he do this? This year, he wants to spread the sales more evenly and give people more time to do their Christmas shopping. By allowing you to buy the Nintendo Switch this Monday without having to worry about the weekend rush, it’s a real convenience. In addition, it is possible that the console will be out of stock by then, so it is in your best interest to jump on this opportunity before it is too late.

To discover the Switch, it’s here:

I enjoy the Switch

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