Beware of this dreaded ransomware that steals your Discord account


This is a real warning signal that Cyble cybersecurity researchers are pushing. They sifted through the AXLocker ransomware that is wreaking havoc on the Discord app, and we would be wrong to underestimate this threat.

Sneaky ransomware

Concretely, once installed on the victim’s computer, the latter encrypts the data and a pop-up window then opens demanding the payment of a ransom within 48 hours. If he complies, the user then receives a key to decrypt his data.

Normally, everything stops there, but with AXLocker, it’s not over. Experts have indeed noted that this virus takes advantage of this to steal the Discord accounts of the targeted people. You should know that when a user connects to Discord, an authentication token is stored on his computer.

And it is precisely the latter that is recovered by cybercriminals to take control. Why Discord? In addition to the many gaming communities it hosts, the application has become a nerve center for NFT and crypto-currency platforms. The potential gains are therefore very important.

Faced with this very concrete risk, and after having suffered an attack by AXLocker, it is therefore advisable to immediately change your Discord password. What to stop the authentication token recovered by malicious actors, and protect other Internet users from possible risks.

Discord, an application targeted by cybercriminals

In the past, we have already noted that Discord is targeted by particularly dangerous malware. We can notably cite the AnarchyGrabber virus, well known to cybersecurity specialists. Updated, the latter has become even more virulent.

The victim must first be convinced to download this Trojan horse. This usually happens through friends’ accounts that have been hacked beforehand, or through the promise of potential game winnings.

Once installed, this malware steals ID tokens from Discord users, similar to AXLocker. Difficult to spot, this trojan is however an easy threat to eliminate. All you have to do is uninstall and reinstall Discord and it disappears permanently.

In any case, it is not surprising to see cybercriminals specifically targeting Discord. The latter effect has been used more and more in recent years. It has several hundred million users and there are more than 2 million profiles in France.

Recently, Discord was fined 800,000 euros by the Cnil. The administrative authority has indeed noted several breaches of the obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in particular in terms of retention periods and security of the personal data of Internet users.

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