Guadeloupe is paralyzed by a cyberattack: what you need to know


It is a discreet but alarming banner that welcomes visitors to the website of the Guadeloupe Region, and its nearly 400,000 inhabitants. We learn that the French Overseas Territory was the victim of a “cyber attack on its computer networks”. To manage the situation as well as possible, the latter have been interrupted “in order to protect the data and a diagnosis is in progress”.

Guadeloupe wants to ensure its public service missions

And the regional council to add: “The community remains strongly mobilized with the help of a specialized firm, in order to limit the consequences of this attack, and is doing everything possible to restore the systems as soon as possible”.

To do this, “The Information Systems Department works closely with the CNIL, the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), the National Police and the Gendarmerie. »

To ensure the continuation of public services, a plan has also been launched. This is by no means obvious for staff and users, who are now well accustomed to digital technology. The return to forms and paper files will therefore probably be necessary on site for some time.

At the time of writing these lines, we do not know the exact nature of this attack. In any case, we know that many French local authorities have recently been targeted by ransomware. These malwares infect an organization’s system and encrypt all data. A ransom is then demanded in order to regain control. Sometimes, it also happens that the personal information of citizens, or customers ends up on the dark web.

The government wants to protect local communities

2022 is a dark year in this regard. We thus saw the city of Caen successively bear the brunt of a cyberattack in September, followed by the department of Seine-Maritime in October, and Seine-et-Marne in November.

A year earlier, we were also talking about cities from Annecy, La Rochelle, the metropolis of Aix-Marseille, Vincennes, or even Angers and Charleville-Mézières. In short, Guadeloupe is anything but an isolated case.

Aware of the danger, the government implemented certain measures in 2021 with the launch of a digital security course. This system concerned 950 communities, then it will be extended to 125 others, and “very extensive” to 50 others.

Similarly, the municipalities will be particularly helped soon with the creation of a platform of shared services. Clearly, this will result in a turnkey tool, where the State will provide secure messaging, hosting service and domain name.

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