Here is the Drako Dragon, the electric SUV of all excesses


It won’t be available until 2026, but the Drako Dragon is already making a lot of noise in the automotive industry. Behind this “hyper-SUV” hides, according to some, yet another project without a future. For others, this model gives a glimpse of the electric car of tomorrow.

The Dragon will not be a vehicle within the reach of all budgets. Drako has already opened pre-orders and promises a final price of around 280,000 euros, for 5,000 units produced each year (in US factories). The brand’s technological showcase, this SUV aims to compete with supercars from other manufacturers, such as the Tesla Roadster or the Lotus Eletre.

A Super SUV for the whole family

The Dragon is 5.05 meters long, 2.05 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. A beautiful 2.2 tonne baby that can take the whole family on board. To limit excess weight, Drako used lightweight materials (carbon fiber, leather) to manufacture the bodywork and the passenger compartment.

Inside, the Dragon breathes high-end with finishes that will delight sports enthusiasts. A reminder of its aggressive exterior lines. The cabin leaves plenty of room for the 17.1-inch central screen. The driver will be able to access driving information on a second screen positioned behind the steering wheel.

It will take your breath away!

This Super-SUV is based on the same platform as the Drako GTE, recall our colleagues from Frandroid, a 1,200 hp electric sedan, and on Drako DriveOS, software developed by the brand itself. Confident, the brand announces figures all crazier than each other.

Thus, the Drako Dragon will be distinguished by its phenomenal power of 2,000 hp. Enough to propel its more than 2 tons 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds only for one top speed of 320 km/h!

Drako announces a range of 540 km as well as compatibility with charging stations up to 500 kW. This would recharge the Dragon from 10 to 80% in just 10 minutes.

It should be noted that for the moment the charging stations in Europe deliver a maximum power of 400 kW. But we can predict that by the release of the Dragon in 2026, stations with terminals of 500 kW or more will be installed.

It remains to be seen now if Drako will keep the announced deadlines and if the vehicle will be well marketed. Electric supercar projects have multiplied in recent years, but few have materialized. Wait and see.

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