National Gaming Authority fears excesses at World Cup


15% of gamblers have problematic behavior and are, to some extent, addicted to gambling. This observation is Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, president of the ANJ (national gaming authority) who draws it up. For her, sports betting on the occasion of major events such as the World Cup which is taking place at the moment must remain a pleasure for the player.

She explains to our colleagues from Le Monde (article in source) that this market, in full expansion, could experience a new boom in popularity on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar. Already since the end of the pandemic, the number of players, but especially the amount of bets, has soared.

For information, the 17 operators that are now recognized as legal online betting sites have seen their (global) turnover double in less than a year. The year 2021 has reached record popularity and the 4 million players recognized as such by the ANJ have bet more than 7 billion euros.

Half a billion euros expected for the World Cup

Just on the next edition of the World Cup, which has just started, the ANJ expects the total stakes to exceed half a billion euros. Faced with this market explosion, the ANJ asks operators to use common sense. The advertisements of the latter have also been parodied by the ANJ in a recent campaign carried out mainly on social networks.

Understanding that the fight was unbalanced, the ANJ decided to fight with the same weapons as their opponents. Thus these advertisements use the same codes, of language or dress, as the announcements made by operators such as Winamax, Unibet or Parions sport.

The idea is thus to deconstruct the myth of the young person who manages, overnight, to change his life thanks to a sports bet. This idealized vision is often put forward by operators who know that young audiences are easier to convince. Less calculating, it would even be more interesting to turn to young people who tend to bet “without thinking” or “by instinct” on practices that allow operators to increase their chances of winning.

One out of three young people aged 15 to 17 is a player

Last February, the mutual aid and psychological action society, jointly with the ANJ, conducted a major survey on the practices of adolescents with regard to gambling. The conclusions of the report are clear, more than one in three young people aged 15 to 17 is an occasional gamer (at least once a month).

As a reminder, it is supposed to be illegal for a minor to gamble. The online betting sites also ask for a photocopy of the identity card, a security which is not sufficient, young people wishing to bet finding stratagems to override this request from the operators.

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