The Golf will disappear to make way for the Golf


The Golf or the ID3? For a Volkswagen electric compact sedan, you may have to choose. The two names should continue according to the opinion of Thomas Schäfer, the person in charge of the particular range at Volkswagen. In an interview at Coachthe 52-year-old German who has been with the Volkswagen group for 10 years explained that the emblematic Golf name was not going to leave the brand despite the transition to the ID range.

This is quite curious information as ID3 could act as a replacement for the e-Golf, which left the production lines in December 2020. In terms of proportions and price range (despite Volkswagen’s difficulties in containing its prices in times of parts shortages and inflation), the ID3 doesn’t leave much room for a new electric Golf. “We wouldn’t give up the Golf name, under any circumstances”said Thomas Schäfer.

Presentation of the electric Golf next year

“It would be crazy to let them die and slip away. We will stick to the ID logic, but the iconic models will have a name”, he added. What leave a door open to the possibility of seeing an “ID Golf” arrive? Why not. The latest model in the Volkswagen electric range, being the replacement for the electric Combi, has indeed received a different name than a simple number (find our test of the Buzz ID here).

Ford, one of Volkswagen’s biggest competitors in the electric race, is one of those manufacturers to have had to deal with the problem. For its part, several models are on the way out, but the emblematic name of Mustang has resurfaced, with the Mustang Mach-E. At Toyota, the Prius is well positioned to stay, but the days of the Fiesta are over.

When will Volkswagen decide to make the electric Golf reappear? Now that’s the big question. Looking at the brand’s unofficial schedule, we should expect the Polo (or e-Up) replacement to appear by 2025. Will it be an ID1 or a ID2? Hard to say again. The city car, planned for large volumes, arrives very late while a replacement for the Passat (ID7) is planned for next year.

The new Golf (ninth generation), or the restyled ID3, could then arrive between these two novelties. Some are working on 2024, others are more optimistic and point out that the new electric Golf will be presented and marketed next year. The manufacturer will certainly be dependent on its suppliers to ensure that production capacities are optimal.

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