YouTube holds its “toudum”, like Netflix


Many platforms obviously have a visual signature, but also a very distinctive sound at launch. If Netflix has its now must-have “toudum“, it has been quite possible, for many years now, to identify the launch of an application or a device, relying solely on its eardrums. Impossible not to recognize the distinctive sound of Disney+, but also of an Xbox or even PS5 console, of Microsoft’s Windows OS, not to mention certain actors in the cinema and video games like SEGA, the MGM studio or even EA Sports . Also, Google decided it was high time to give voice to YouTube.

YouTube gets a new sound identity

Indeed, the launch of YouTube, on PC, smartphone or Smart TV, has always been done in silence. Never mind, American giant Google has collaborated with New York studio Antfood to produce a startup sound that is meant to be quickly identifiable, but also flexible enough to be used on all devices.

For Google, the goal was to design a sound capable of representing the four fundamental elements of the platform, namely the human, the connected side, the expressiveness and the story. Everything is condensed into a small audio clip of only three seconds, which is accompanied by an animation developed by the studio Buck.

It will therefore have been necessary to wait nearly 20 years for Google to decide to offer a sound identity to its YouTube application. The latter will be deployed gradually, and will be available on Smart TV, on computer, but also on our smartphones and tablets. “You’ll start seeing YouTube animation and audio in more places over the coming weeks and months.”explains Google.

We imagine that Google is actively seeking to affix a new distinctive marker for its SVOD platform, which should gradually produce more exclusive content, with the hope of encroaching on the market of Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Video… Of course, this signature audio will automatically trigger each time you launch the YouTube app.

According to Google, this new audio intro aims to represent how YouTube helps millions of people explore the things they love every day. The result to the ear is rather pleasant, without arousing any particular emotion. There is no doubt that the audio signature, like the accompanying animation, is likely to evolve over the months. To see now if the latter will become as legendary as the few examples mentioned above.

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