Apple Music is available at Tesla, but not for everyone


If there is one manufacturer that knows how to optimize the user experience of its drivers, it’s Tesla. The manufacturer indeed regularly offers long-awaited updates, such as the one that sees the Zoom video app arriving on the large 17-inch screen of its vehicles. And soon, another very popular service could land there: Apple Music. Be the second largest audio streaming provider on the planet behind Spotify if the most recent statistics are to be believed, the Swede already being available with Elon Musk’s cars.

However, the information does not come from the brand itself. Indeed, these are Internet users who shared their discovery on the social network Reddit. They saw the Apple Music app on the Tesla dashboard on display in an American museum. Specifically, the automobiles in question were on display at the Petersen Museum. The place is especially dedicated to four-wheeled cars and also has one of the largest collections in the world. On site are presented the second Roadster, which has not yet been sent to the first customers, and the Cybertruck which is so much talked about.

Apple Music confirmed. As spotted at the Petersen Museum 2020.40.50 from teslamotors

With Apple Music, users should therefore avoid having to take their smartphone out of their pocket to start playing a title. Remember, however, that it is forbidden to use the touch interface on the way : normally, everything should happen when stopped. This is to avoid distractions and therefore, in theory, to reduce the risk of accidents.

In a future update?

However, the Apple Music app is not not available on marketed Teslas right now. But its presence in a prototype suggests that the developers of the Californian firm already know how to install it in their software. It is therefore very likely that a new version of the program will soon include the improvement, but it is impossible to know when for the moment.

We know, however, that Tesla has a habit of offering updates with additional functionalities in end of the year. Will we be entitled to it for the Christmas holidays, or before? Do not hesitate to share your find with us if this is the case.

Price and availability

Apple Music is available from 10.99 euros per month for a single customer, since a recent price increase. This does not include the price of 4.99 euros per month, but which omits key advantages such as Spatial Audio.

To download Apple Music, go to the Google Play Store or your TV if it’s compatible. Otherwise, iPhones and iPads are natively equipped. Same for Macs.

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