Here are the most used passwords in France in 2022, and it’s a disaster


Until the tech giants invent less restrictive secure identification methods, most of our digital life is protected by passwords.

According to two reports by security experts, the French are far from being good students when it comes to security. Cybernews researchers and password management company NordPass have just published two comprehensive studies on the most used passwords in 2022, in France and around the world.

As with last year (and those before), both reports highlight the (very) reliable level of security of the passwords used by Internet users.

For the purposes of its report, Cybernews collected on the darknet and hacker forums 56 million hacked or leaked passwords in 2022. For its part, NordPass compiled a list of passwords recovered from independent researchers and specialists in researching cybersecurity incidents. In total, the database of the two entities weighs 3 TB.

What are the most used passwords in 2022?

If we refer to the passwords used in the world, the indestructible “password” and “123456” are always at the top of the ranking. Just behind, we find “guest” and the equally practical and dangerous “qwerty” (“azerty” is in 30th position). Finally “admin” is also a good place among the most used passwords in the world.

In France, users are loyal to “123456”, always in first position, followed by a much more secure variant (we are kidding) “123456789”. In third position, “azerty” retains its place as the favorite of the French. Special mention to “marseille” forever also the first in the ranking of the least secure passwords. The ranking also reveals some nuggets like “loulou” in 7th position or “doudou” in 9th position.

These password choices fit perfectly with the global trend. According to both reports, more than 20% of passwords are only 8 characters long and 15% are based on only 4 characters. The second most used structure does not contain numbers or special characters. Most passwords do not contain capital letters.

What is a secure password?

These choices of very weakly secure passwords are all the more astonishing since cybersecurity experts remind us of the rules to follow several times a year. So what is a secure password?

The difficulty is to find a password complicated enough to be strong, but not too complicated to be remembered. To achieve this, experts recommend mixing uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. If all these elements are not met, then the password is not strong enough.

Better than the password, you can also opt for the “passphrase”. You can choose a short sentence that you will remember by inserting capital letters, numbers and special characters.

Finally, if you’re a bit more airheaded, you can opt for password manager apps like 1Password or Dashlane. You store all the passwords for all your accounts there and only have one strong password to remember to access this whole wallet.

It is even possible to access your passwords by biometrics (fingerprint reader or facial recognition). In addition, these services are now integrated into internet browsers, which also makes things easier. Very practical, these managers present only one danger (and not the least): if they are hacked, all your passwords can end up in the wild.

So never forget that the best security for your data is you.

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