Samsung users who make this mistake are in serious danger


In 2022, many people still don’t understand the importance of using complicated, hard-to-guess passwords that preferably include letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and special characters. One of the common attacks consists of guessing the target’s password, or trying all possible combinations.

And if you use too simple a password, this method could hack your account very quickly. However, according to a new study from NordPass, bad habits die hard.

“Research shows that weak passwords are still used by most people to protect their accounts”, indicates the service. This publishes the list of the 200 most used passwords in 30 countries, including France.

“password” and “123456” are still popular

At the top of this ranking, there is “password”, followed by “123456”, and “123456789”. For the millions of people who use these very simple passwords, the risk is that tools manage to force access to the account in a second.

In this ranking, there are other classics like “guest”, “azerty”, or even “hello”! But, as noted by the Sammobile news site, some Internet users use their favorite brand of electronic devices, “samsung”, as their password.

Specifically, “samsung” sits at #78 in NordPass’ 2022 rankings. And if you are one of those using this password, you are no smarter than those using “password” or “123456”. Indeed, according to NordPass, the decryption would only take a second.

To create this list, NordPass used a 3TB database, working with cybersecurity incident researchers.

Passwords will soon be over

In view of this list of passwords, we can only be happy to know that it will soon be the end of passwords. Indeed, for some time, the industry has been developing a technology based on cryptographic keys, and intended to replace the use of passwords.

And this year, significant progress has been made since the standard is already finalized and it has been adopted by Apple as well as Google. On their platforms, these allow users to use this new system, called Passkeys, instead of passwords (provided that the online service used has already implemented the technology).

As a reminder, with Passkeys, Internet users no longer enter passwords, but prove that they are in possession of a private key. On an iPhone, they can do this using FaceID.

As such, it eliminates the need to create and remember unique and complicated passwords. In addition, since the private keys are not stored on the online services’ servers, in the event of a data leak, these keys will not be affected.

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