What is Hive, the new social network that wants you to forget about Twitter?


The misfortune of some is the happiness of others. While Twitter, recently bought by Elon Musk, is experiencing dark times, the disappointed are looking for a new space for expression.

Among the alternatives, a new kid, Hive Social, is enjoying growing success. “1 million besties and the number keeps growing” welcomes Hive Social Inc. in a post on… Twitter.

A communication that is ironic to say the least when this social network created in 2019 is seen as the perfect replacement for the blue bird. But what makes the success of this young platform?

Hive Social: when Twitter meets Instagram

Unlike Mastodon which is based on an open-source and decentralized model, Hive Social is a centralized network and property of Hive Social Inc. Aesthetically, Hive has nothing to envy to the giants of the sector. Light, colorful, clear, the application is a clever mix of Twitter, Instagram and Curious.cat.

From the first, Hive resumes the publication of statuses with the integration of hashtags and various media (images, videos, gifs, surveys etc.). From the second, it recovers the sharing of photos accompanied by captions, all classified in the form of a grid. From the last, less known, it adopts the format of questions/answers.

Once your nickname has been chosen, you can add a photo, a small bio, tags to identify you on specific topics. The interface is customizable and dark mode is also available. All the codes are there.

At the start, we can also choose themes that interest us. A step not to be overlooked since you will then navigate through threads related to these themes. A “trends” tab and another “for you” allow either to follow trends or to access content that an algorithm considers interesting for you.

Finally, if you are a musician, the application provides a MySpace 2.0 style musical profile. On paper, the application is therefore very complete, even a little too much for a smooth start. Like Mastodon, but for different reasons, Hive takes time to get comfortable with.

A social network still under construction

Like many young social networks, Hive is far from perfect. First in its daily use, marked by many bugs. At the beginning of November, users also encountered problems identifying or creating an account. For some, impossible to create an account, others were surprised to discover identifiers identical to theirs.

On November 19, 2022, the company also admitted that people had “forced into the system (…) and used a roundabout way to enter”.

Among other grievances, a software engineering manager at Apple pointed “the summary operation of password creation” reminds Numerama. Finally, Hive Social is not up to date on the subject of personal data. There is no data protection officer as required by the GDPR and the management of access permissions to contacts and photos and very permissive.

So yes, Hive Social is a seductive social network to say the least in its interface and features. But the company that develops it still has work to do to optimize the hidden side of its platform. Problems encountered by Twitter, Instagram and others in their early days.


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