A new camera made it possible to film Avatar 2, it is signed Sony


The exit from Avatar: The Way of Water is now fast approaching. It is indeed on December 14 that the new film by James Cameron will be offered in France. While many appreciate the story of this saga, its reputation has also been built on its visual quality. Avatar is the advent of 3D cinema, and special effects that amaze us.

Avatar 2 releases major technological means

And precisely, this sequel should not disappoint fans. In a portrait dedicated to him by GQ magazine, James Cameron returned to the process of filming this feature film. We learn in particular that the production stores a very large amount of data related to lighting, camera movements, and the actions of the protagonists. These are then sent to the New Zealand company Weta, which is responsible for applying algorithms and creating animations to bring this model to life.

And the filmmaker to specify to our colleagues: “It’s not animation in Pixar’s sense of making things up”. In fact, the requests from James Cameron and his teams are very precise and the special effects specialist has very precise specifications to apply.

That’s not all, the director also returned to a new filming system developed with Venice cameras from Sony. These are bolted together to create a stereoscopic 3D system. Thanks to this device, motion capture above and under water becomes possible.

James Cameron also states: “The Venice camera system produces the most spectacular images I have ever seen. Blacks are rich, deep and velvety, and highlights are surprisingly vibrant. For the first time, the term “high dynamic range” takes on its full meaning. »

Great resources for aquatic scenes

This creative deployment of technologies looks promising overall. Moreover, James Cameron had also recently returned during an interview granted to Entertainment Weekly on another innovation that had helped him on the set. The production indeed used underwater jet-packs for the aquatic scenes.

The legend of the seventh art specifies: “They’re doing a run, and when they’re in the glide phase of the run, they trigger the jet-pack with a little switch and it makes them go a few feet forward. They moved their hips as if they had a tail. It was called the crocodile swim. »

It all looks very convincing, and Avatar 2 has already received praise from the Corridor Crew’s special effects specialists on their YouTube channel. If you are interested in the subject, you can read our article on this subject here.

We will understand, Avatar: The Waterway looks like a little gem, and there are only a few more weeks to wait before we can discover it on the big screen.

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