How to Stop Getting Scammed When Buying a Used iPhone


Time flies when you’re having fun. One month to go, and it’s Christmas. And you might be thinking of buying a new iPhone, a new iPad, or even a new Mac. But if you have a limited budget, then you may be hesitant to take it used.

After all why not ? Not content with saving money, you will also give a second life to a product that could have ended up at the bottom of a cupboard or, worse, a trash can.

But now, when you buy second-hand, you also take a risk. And the purpose of this file is to allow you to reduce this famous risk. Here are 4 tips to stop being scammed when buying a used iPhone, iPad or Mac. And some of these tips can also be applied to other products.

Where to buy the iPhone 14 at the best price?

The iPhone 14 was released in September. The range includes four devices this year: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If any of them interest you, then here are the best prices on the market.

iPhone 14 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,019

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iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB at the best price
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Verify site identity and reputation

First advice, check the site on which the product is located

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The first thing to do when an offer interests you is of course to check the platform on which it is broadcast. And therefore to make sure that the site you are on is who it claims to be.

How ? Well, by looking at his address and making sure it’s the right one.

But once you’ve done that, there’s another parameter to consider: reputation. A site may be legitimate, but that does not mean that it deserves your trust.

Here, it is not the solutions that are lacking. The easiest way is to go to the TrustPilot site and type the name of the site in the search field. You will then see a confidence rating, expressed out of 5 stars. The higher the number of stars the site has, the more serious it is supposed to be. Just remember to look at the number of reviews before ordering your new iPhone. Having a high rating with few reviews is less difficult than having one with tens of thousands of reviews.

In addition, you can also search the internet, typing queries like “scam + site name”. Google will show you user forums that will sometimes shed more light on the site in question. Returns that will however always have to be put into perspective a little, some competitors not hesitating to publish massively negative opinions on the market leaders.

Check iPhone, iPad or Mac

iphone 14 plus vs 14 autonomy

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The site is done. Now you have to take care of the product. Is the price attractive? It is very good, but it is not enough. Not all good plans are necessarily good deals and it is therefore essential to take the time to check the condition of the iPhone, iPad or Mac of your dreams before taking out the credit card.

Do not hesitate to ask for photos. A lot of photos. And even more if the ad does not have many. But be careful, because if you ask for them, make sure they are recent and that the device is in operation. If all iPhone photos show it screen off, there may be a problem. And if the seller is reluctant to send you new photos, run away from him.

Does the product appear to be in good condition? Ok, but what about its warranty? By default, an iPhone, iPad or Mac is guaranteed for one year. However, it is possible to extend this warranty by subscribing to an AppleCare+ contract.

And sometimes, it can be interesting to favor products covered by this extended warranty, even more so if you buy one that is more than six months old.

But how can you be sure that the guarantee indicated is the correct one? Simply by entering its serial number on this Apple service:

After doing so, the site will let you know if the associated product is under warranty and until when that warranty runs. Incidentally, this will let you know that the serial number given by the seller is that of the product for sale.

Check seller information

Third tip, check the seller

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It’s the first thing to do. If an ad interests you, do not focus on the product. Not only, anyway. It is especially necessary to ensure the good intentions of the seller. Of his good intentions, and also of his identity.

Here, everything will depend on the site, but as a general rule, the sellers all have a profile. On LeBonCoin, for example, the seller has his own insert on the product page and you can thus know his name, his SIREN or his rating and the number of sales made. You can thus know if it is a pro, and therefore a company, or an individual.

In the first case, do not hesitate to do additional research online. By typing the SIREN on a site like Société.com, for example, you will obtain additional information such as the date of creation of the company, its legal form, its address or even the evaluation of its profitability. This will let you know if the business really exists and if it is doing well. A recent company with a disastrous track record and negative reviews is obviously to be avoided.

And these opinions, precisely, they are important.

They are important because they reflect the experience of other buyers. Sellers with negative reviews and low ratings should therefore be avoided. But beyond this simple Manichean vision, take the time to read the comments left by other users. They will most often give you a preview of what to expect when you order your iPhone.

Be careful all the same, because this point is a bit to be relativized. In the past, you have indeed had businesses that have bought reviews. There have been several deals on Amazon, for example. Prop makers had bought hundreds of positive reviews to sell their products more easily. They have also been banned from the platform.

Now, these fake reviews are pretty easy to spot. They are generally very brief and they are all published at the same time. If, for example, you have dozens of negative comments in 2021 and all of a sudden you have a hundred positive comments published over a few weeks, then there is most likely a wolf.

Check the payment solution… and its guarantees

Fourth tip, check the payment system


Found the product you are looking for and the seller seems honest? It is not finished. You also have to worry about payment. Apple products come at a high price. Prices that can sometimes reach several thousand euros. And of course, it is better to take precautions.

Avoid cash money order payments. If a seller seeks to impose this method of payment on you, in 99% of cases it will be a scam. Hand payments? Why not, but not anywhere and not at any time. If you must meet your seller in person, be sure to do so in a busy public place and in broad daylight.

LeBonCoin, for example, offers an interesting solution: personal delivery with secure payment. Are you interested in a property? You book it, the money is secured by the site until you meet the seller. If the product is compliant, you validate the purchase and the money is transferred to the seller.

Payments by PayPal are also interesting. Purchases are indeed protected and you can thus ask to be refunded if the product does not correspond to the description of the seller or if you do not receive anything. As a bonus, each transaction is encrypted and PayPal also includes protection against fraud.

Unfortunately, not all sites do this. Amazon, for example, favors more traditional means of payment. This is not particularly a problem, the site also offers a lot of guarantees. Now, if you actually need to enter your card information, make sure you do so through a secure payment module.

Here, of course, it depends on the banks, but you can also put a double identification with your bank to limit the risk of hacking. Some establishments even offer to generate temporary credit card codes.

Where to buy the iPhone 14 at the best price?

The iPhone 14 was released in September. The range includes four devices this year: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If any of them interest you, then here are the best prices on the market.

iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,329

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iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,479

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In conclusion

So that’s the advice we can give you. So be careful, zero risk does not exist. Now, if you follow this guide carefully, you reduce the risk of getting scammed.

But if this should happen to you one day, know that you have insurance with your bank. In the event of fraud, you must oppose your bank card and report the fraud to your bank within a maximum period of 13 months after the date of the debit. However, this period increases to 70 days if the seller is located outside the euro zone.

According to the legislation in force, your bank is required to reimburse you without conditions. If an investigation needs to be carried out, your bank will do so and file a complaint against the fraudster if they wish. As far as you are concerned, reimbursement is mandatory.

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