With its Magic Vs folding smartphone, Honor wants to shake Samsung


6.1mm. Here is the thickness of the Magic Vs, Honor’s new folding smartphone, the thinnest on the market. If this technical prowess impresses, it is not the only advantage of this newcomer to this niche segment.

The Honor Magic Vs is based on the ultimate technologies available today. This competitor of the Z Fold4 (it unfolds to become a tablet), embeds the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 chip, the most efficient on the market while waiting for the just announced Gen2.

Like Samsung’s Z Fold4, the Magic Vs therefore has two screens: an external 6.45 ” OLED Full HD (frequency 120 Hz) and a 7.9 ” internal also OLED with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a QHD definition.

The hinge for switching to tablet mode has four elements (compared to 92 for the previous model) and can withstand 400,000 open/close cycles i.e. 10 years at the rate of 100 manipulations per day.

For the photo, Honor takes out the heavy artillery. On the program, a 54 Mpxl sensor (with f / 1.9 wide-angle lens), a 50 Mpxl sensor (with f / 2 ultra wide-angle lens) and an 8 Mpxl sensor (with f / 2.4 telephoto lens and 3x optical zoom). At the front, a 16 Mpxl sensor with wide-angle lens (f / 2.45) is responsible for immortalizing your most beautiful selfies.

A 5,0000 mAh battery is responsible for powering all this hardware. The Magic Vs comes with a 66W charger capable of fully charging the smartphone in 46 minutes, assures the brand.

Samsung facing aggressive competition

If the technical characteristics of the Honor Magic Vs are so attractive, it is also because this digest of technology is offered at an unbeatable price.

Announced in China, it is available from 7,499 yuan or 1,016 euros without taxes. By adding 20% ​​VAT, private copying and customs fees, we can count on a price lower than 1,500 euros. Yes, it’s still expensive, but less than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4, available at the time of writing at 1,799 euros. Recall that a few years ago, Honor promised that an affordable folding smartphone by 2025. But that was without anticipating component shortages or the current economic crisis.

Anyway, Honor comes to play on the lands of Samsung which, for the time being, dominates the market for folding smartphones head and shoulders. The Chinese manufacturer thus joins its compatriots Xiaomi and Vivo who have also recently announced models of the genre.

But unlike them, Honor has every intention of launching its Magic Vs in Europe. The manufacturer announced an entry into the market in the first quarter of 2023, without further details. If its price is close to our estimates, Samsung has something to worry about.

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