against Amazon, Cdiscount slaughters its price even more (-20%) 💥


It is to our greatest surprise that Cdiscount has just announced an unbeatable offer on the excellent iPhone 13. The French merchant who has just officially started his Black Friday this Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m. is hitting hard with an unprecedented reduction on these 2021 iPhones. Still just as popular at the end of 2022, they will sell out at full speed on Cdiscount.

On most e-commerce sites, you will find these iPhone 13s with 128 GB of storage at 909 euros. But Amazon has just launched an offer at 799 euros. This was also the case on Cdiscount until it lowered its price this Thursday evening: it plummeted to 799 euros instead of 909 euros for everyone, and even 749 euros for CDAV members (with the code IP13CDAV). The latter have subscribed to the loyalty subscription at 29 euros per year.

Faced with this aggressiveness, no one can react. Amazon had unveiled an offer on this same iPhone 13 128 GB a little earlier at a price of 849 euros (which is still online on two of the five colors) but it has not yet disappeared. What is certain is that the insolence of the discount displayed by Cdiscount should not allow it to last very long.

Like every year, Cdiscount unveils some punchy offers at the time of its Black Friday launch. This is the case on this iPhone 13 which is very successful despite the release of the iPhone 14. The latter are similar in almost all respects, but they are systematically beyond 1000 euros. It is for this reason that they do not sell very well, unlike the iPhone 14 Pro (which are more than 1300 euros but with real novelties).

iPhone 13s are enough, forget the iPhone 14s

Every year in September, Apple formalizes new smartphones. After the iPhone 13 at the end of 2021, it’s the turn of the iPhone 14 for this end of the year. The latter have been fairly heavily criticized by the press due to their lack of new features. Apart from the autonomy which is very slightly better (about a few minutes) and the photo part which is very slightly different, nothing new.

That said, the iPhone 13 is already a great smartphone and it’s still on top of the market. For example, there is a magnificent 6.1-inch OLED screen which is one of the most beautiful and fluid on the market. Apple is working with Samsung to develop this Super Retina panel. Note that the edges of the device are sharp with an aluminum finish.

To deliver efficient performance and the best user experience, these iPhone 13s are powered by the A15 Bionic chip. This is developed by Apple in-house and offers performance that no competing high-end processor can match. Moreover, the basic iPhone 14s have skipped the new A16 chip (which is reserved for the Pro versions) and they therefore keep this A15.

I take advantage of the offer

Even if you are a big addict to demanding games, this A15 Bionic chip will be more than enough. It is a bomb of power which also makes it possible to optimize the entire smartphone (autonomy, photo, etc.). Speaking of photos, this model has a double photo module on the back. A basic wide-angle sensor and an ultra-wide-angle module with both 12 MP. The iPhone 13s are also particularly good on the video part with recording in 4K HDR and Dolby Vision.

On the front part, there is a small notch in the screen of the iPhone 13. This hides not only the 12 MP selfie camera but also the facial recognition system. Face ID allows you to unlock your smartphone without having to enter your code. It is also used as an authentication solution when using Apple Pay for example.

In terms of autonomy, the iPhone 13 are rather very good. In the past three years, Apple has made great efforts to extend the battery life of its smartphones. The 2021 iPhones therefore benefit from an autonomy that is greater than the day. For standard use, you should even be able to reach a day and a half without having to recharge it. They are compatible with the 18 W charger but no charger is in the box.

Crazy Cdiscount for this Black Friday

Since the beginning of the week, Cdiscount has been revealing great ambitions for this Black Friday. This Thursday evening is the peak of his operation. There won’t be any better deals than what we can see tonight. If you want to save a few weeks before Christmas, now is the time to go for it. The merchant offers many Apple products at great prices including these iPhone 13 and AirPods.

If you take this iPhone 13 128 GB on Black Friday, Cdiscount then gives you until January 8, 2022 to return it if you don’t like it. It can also allow you to buy it now cheaper, offer it for Christmas and return it if ever the gift does not please. It would be very surprising for a smartphone of this standing, but you never know!

One thing is certain, we do not leave the night for this iPhone 13 128 GB for less than 800 euros. Whether you are a CDAV customer or not, the offers are very attractive. It will be necessary to fight not to miss this opportunity to save 150 euros on the excellent model signed Apple. We recall that it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty (2 years) and with the integrated support of the live brand.

To discover this offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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