in MADNESS this Friday morning, Amazon crushes its prices ⚡️


At each of the editions, Black Friday on Amazon has many surprises in store that create this craze among the general public. The discounts are of a rare insolence. Moreover, the American merchant is not alone since he is accompanied by the excellent Cdiscount, Fnac or even Darty.

To help you find your way around these 24 hours of madness, we have prepared a selection of the best Black Friday offers. This is valid at a time T for this Friday. We will update it as often as possible to reflect market offers, but also shortages.

For a week, merchants participated in Black Week. Now we are at the famous Black Friday which is the peak of the operation for players like Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. If you want to make the biggest savings on popular products, you will have to rush this Friday at the earliest on each of the major e-commerce platforms.

They are not shy and highlight the biggest brands. Since this Friday morning, Black Friday on Amazon highlights all the big products from Apple. The iPhone 13 and 14, the MacBook Air and Pro or the iPad must plummet in price as never before. This is the case for all references in each industry.

An emergency to take advantage of this Black Friday

Since last Friday, Black Friday Week has been held on Amazon and its counterparts. During these few days, there have already been plenty of products that have disappeared from circulation. This is the case, for example, with Microsoft’s tablets or the Pro version of the latest 2022 iPhones. Throughout the day, this situation is likely to occur with other popular references.

Rather than giving yourself time, we advise you to look at the few major e-commerce sites this morning. First, Black Friday on Amazon is obvious since it was he who developed the concept in France. A dedicated section allows you to see the flash sales as well as all the offers of the operation and available continuously.

Amazon has set the standards for Black Friday and it sticks to it: only prestigious products from premium brands are highlighted. This is not a destocking operation like the sales, quite the contrary. All the products that are promoted would not need a discount to sell to the general public. Especially in this period just before Christmas when the French necessarily buy online.

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Precisely, this is also the whole point of Black Friday: it is held a stone’s throw from the Christmas holidays. Moreover, 43% of French people will take this opportunity to do their shopping for the end of year celebrations. They are even rather right since the discounts are attractive. If Amazon and others cannot sell at a loss, they can cut their margins as much as possible to lower prices.

The French have also understood the interest of this special operation. Black Friday gives them access to premium products and that’s what they like. In the end, the fact that the discounts are only 10 to 30% on recent products is not so crucial. The main thing is to have access to a worthy catalog with products that please at the end of the year.

Amazon focuses on big brands

To build its success over time, Amazon has managed to partner with the biggest brands to keep prices as low as possible. Black Friday allows customers to save money on Apple, Meta (Facebook), Garmin or Bose. These are brands that during the rest of the year never benefit from discounts on their range. So it’s now or never to make purchases at low prices.

Because Black Friday is a good opportunity to make Christmas gifts, Amazon also offers flexibility in the return conditions. While it is limited during the year to 30 days for returns (while the legal minimum in France is 14 days), it naturally extends this period for Black Friday. So you can return parcels until the end of January.

For those who bought Christmas gifts during Black Friday, it is therefore the possibility of returning them after the holidays if they were not convinced. By offering such a time frame to make purchases, Amazon is putting itself in the easy pocket of customers. This is the second year that he has offered this and it is something that is very popular. Its first dolphin Cdiscount has also decided to introduce a similar process this year.

We haven’t really discussed it on this page, but there is a newcomer competing with Amazon on Black Friday: AliExpress. World leader in e-commerce with its parent company Alibaba, it has great ambitions in Europe. This unique operation is an opportunity for him to shine and show that he is also capable of pleasing people.

For this 2022 edition, everything is in place to make a successful operation with shock reductions for the greatest pleasure of customers. Black Friday should still grow this year despite a less certain economic context. Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac want to do well and they are doing everything this Friday to boost sales. If you are looking for a product, we advise you to type it directly into their search bar: it is most likely at an advantageous price.

To discover Black Friday, it’s here:

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