Why AI is not ready to replace traders


Today, the automation of certain tasks and advances in artificial intelligence are a reality. So much so that some professions have already been replaced by algorithms. But is this development really desired by the general public?

Human traders are more convincing than machines

To see more clearly, the company Internova has decided to launch a major investigation. This survey thus made it possible to question 2,000 American adults to find out whether they preferred to be served by machines or by human beings during their purchases.

The findings of this research are very interesting. It appears that 70% of respondents trust real people more than AI for a purchase. This is the case for 55% of home buyers, or 52% of those who are about to buy a car.

Respondents also returned to the reasons why they prefer a real person to a machine. And precisely, 81% of consumers appreciate the small personal touches that humans are capable of. We think in particular of a personalization of speech. Customers are also more likely to ask questions and receive relevant answers. And the respondents say it, on the whole, the answers of the chatbots are very far from being as interesting as those provided by a human being.

This survey also made it possible to question these citizens on the professions that should be exercised only by humans and not by machines. The profession of hairdresser obtains 53% of approval, while teachers and journalists collect respectively 50 and 47% of favorable opinions. It is true that the experiences of writing articles by artificial intelligence have not really been conclusive.

When an AI replaces prosecutors

Interestingly, some previous research has looked at the possibility of having certain professions performed by machines. We spoke to you in particular last January about this AI developed by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

They have developed this system capable of analyzing files, and making the decision to charge a person for a crime he has committed. The results would be impressive, and this program is able to present a charge based on a written description of a case with 97% accuracy.

However, some observers are concerned about the possible implementation of this system. It would indeed apply to certain offenses making it possible to prosecute opponents of the Beijing regime.

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