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The MacBook Pro M2 is one of Apple’s latest laptops, it was made official by the brand in the summer of 2022. Like the previous model, the bestseller in the making integrates the manufacturer’s own chip to unleash all its power. Ultra powerful, it is displayed at a crazy price on Amazon for Black Friday.

On the occasion of this Black Friday Saturday, Amazon is not skimping on new offers, that’s what it’s doing with Apple’s laptop. With only a few months of existence, the model is however paying a price drop of -21% for the special operation, it is unheard of. In detail, the MacBook Pro M2 is available at the exceptional price of 1,299 euros instead of 1,599 euros.

The MacBook Pro M2 is available at a mini price on Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

Amazon does not stop there. In addition to displaying an unprecedented offer on the MacBook Pro M2, it does the same with the Air range. Thus, the MacBook Air M2 is displayed at 1,299 euros instead of 1,499 euros, an immediate discount of -13% on this recent model.

The MacBook Air M2 is at a low price at Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

MacBook Pro M2 and MacBook Air M2 are great laptops. Both were released in 2022, they are among the most successful models in the world. With these unique deals, their value for money becomes unbeatable, you will not find a better device or better discount elsewhere. Therefore, do not wait any longer to get your hands on the model of your choice.

Top-flight perks on Amazon

The MacBook Pro M2 really comes with a crazy price on Amazon. If the merchant still presents himself as the king of discounts during Black Friday, there was no reason to believe that he would display such an offer on Apple’s latest computer. First, the brand itself never lowers its prices in its stores, they remain the same all year round. So when it authorizes merchants to display deals, these remain very controlled.

Usually, it takes six months or more before you see an Apple device with an offer at Amazon following its release. In addition, do not expect deals to exceed -10%. With a flash sale of -21% on the MacBook Pro M2, the merchant is blowing these rules for the price of the laptop to collapse. You must have noticed, the model is now at the same price as its counterpart the MacBook Air M2. However, this will not last, we can already say that.

First, stockouts are going very fast this weekend, the MacBook Pro M2 is already on the verge of breaking. A few days ago, Amazon unveiled a discount on the MacBook Air M1, this one is already unavailable due to lack of stock, there is no doubt that the Pro version is heading towards the same fate. Also, Black Friday is already about to end, after which rates will all go back to normal at merchants. It is therefore the last moment to grab the device, especially since the advantages are the same as those of the official store.

I take advantage of the MacBook Pro M2

Besides the fact that the MacBook Pro M2 comes with the two-year manufacturer’s warranty on Amazon, it comes free and quickly delivered within a few days. Thereafter, you have until January 31 to decide to return it, a withdrawal period extended by the merchant so that the public can take advantage of Black Friday by anticipating Christmas gifts without risk. You have access to the lowest prices of the year and you do not have to resell the products in January if they have not been convincing. Obviously, the return is free of charge and the refund is complete, it is valid for all offers at the number 1 of ecommerce.

The latest MacBook, an ultra-powerful model

The MacBook Pro M2 is Apple’s premium laptop. Its design is in the image of the Apple brand, sober and refined thanks to its 13.6-inch Retina screen with LED backlighting. It should be noted that this one does not include the notch with the camera like its counterpart the new MacBook Air M2.

Otherwise, the MacBook Pro M2 wants to be extremely powerful, that’s its main quality. Since Apple is working on the design of its own chips, all its devices display very premium performance, this is verified with the M2 processor at the processor and graphics level. This model is very fast, you will have no latency even when you are doing image editing or video editing.

The MacBook Pro M2 boasts up to 20 hours of battery life, so it’s excellent on that side as well. At the same time, the device remains quite light with a weight of only 1.4 kilos, where we find all the qualities of the Pro models. In addition to Magic Keyboard, the Touch Bar above the keyboard gives you quick access to the controls you use most. Otherwise, macOS is still just as pleasant to use for a very pleasant and efficient experience, whether for work or for entertainment. Remember to be reactive to arrive before the breaks at Amazon, they will not be long.

Apple MacBooks are at crazy prices on Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the MacBook Pro M2

I take advantage of the MacBook Air M2

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