Beware of these cryptomining software that cripple your PC


While the cryptocurrency industry is in the midst of a crisis, criminal activity around cryptos is on the rise. In any case, this is what emerges from the latest report from the cybersecurity company Kaspersky “The state of cryptojacking in 2022” that we consulted.

An explosion of attacks this year

Experts first come back to this malicious software secretly installed on your computer. These cryptojacking devices allow cybercriminals to mine cryptocurrency on the sly. For the victim on the other hand, this causes a big slowdown of the PC and a higher cost in electricity.

To infiltrate the victim’s device, the method is generally basic. Most often, it is a file installed involuntarily by an Internet user while trying to download pirated content: video games, software, music, films, series.

And precisely, this method is very attractive to cybercriminals. According to Kaspersky records, new installed malicious miners numbered 150,000 during the third quarter. This represents an increase of 230% compared to the same period in 2021.

We learn in passing that most of the installed software undermines the Monero crypto as a priority. The latter has the advantage of anonymizing transaction data and therefore allows malicious actors to obtain enhanced confidentiality.

Andrey Ivanov, security expert at Kaspersky, summarizes the situation as follows: “While these aren’t the best days for the cryptocurrency industry, the topic of cryptocurrencies has been in the limelight throughout the year, so it’s no surprise that players malicious people want to take advantage of these trends. »

He adds: “That is why it is extremely important to make users aware of the first signs that malware is being downloaded onto their computer. »

How to protect your computer?

The cybersecurity company also sends valuable advice to Internet users to avoid unpleasant surprises. First of all, it is necessary to verify the authenticity of a visited website. The presence of an “https” is already a first security criterion, although this is currently insufficient.

It is also important to regularly update the software used on your devices. Indeed, hackers often rely on flaws identified on the latter to go on the attack. Finally, using an antivirus solution that suits your needs is important. We have also concocted a very comprehensive guide to help you in your choice.

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