Where to buy the iPad 10 at the best price? The cheap iPad of 2022


After more than ten years of good and loyal service, the iPad has finally seen its design revisited to be closer to the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Excellent news for all those looking for a cheap iPad, because for once the most affordable model comes close to the other editions. It must be said that these sharper curves, these new colors and this A14 Bionic chip do the job very well as our test of the device was able to demonstrate.

Beyond being the best-priced iPad, the classic iPad of 2022 is also the best value for money for us. Indeed, it is in fact found in many qualities identical to those of the iPad Pro M2, the leaders of the sector. The screen is almost as big, the processor is homemade and the software has more or less the same functionalities. What more ?

Below, we invite you to discover a detailed comparison of the prices of the iPad 10, to find where to buy the cheapest online.

iPad 10: how to choose it cheap?

There are many resellers trying to offer the best price on the tenth generation iPad, but not all of them have thought of the best discounts. Luckily, we took the time to check out the clearest benefits right now: here are the results.

Where to buy the iPad 10?

To date, the cheapest iPad 10 is priced at €589.00. However, this is the best price for the version with 64 GB of internal storage only, which is the cheapest. It is also a price that only concerns the most affordable version, that is, the one without the slightest possibility of connecting to the 4G network or even to 5G. It is indeed necessary to go through an additional option, during the purchase, to be entitled to it.

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €589

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If, on the contrary, you are looking for where to buy an iPad 10 in 256 GB, the cheapest price is € 789.00 today. It’s a good deal, knowing that the original price set by the manufacturer, Apple, is usually much more excessive! An opportunity not to be missed, moreover, it is unlikely that you will ever find the iPad 10 so inexpensive.

iPad 10 256 GB at the best price
Base price: €789

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The highlights of the iPad 10 (released in 2022)

  • a sublime design, finally
  • cheapest of all iPads
  • he is very fast
  • Software: iPadOS
  • compatible with Magic Keyboard Folio

If the iPad 10 is not expensive, it is for several reasons: there is no eel under rock even with such attractive prices. Indeed, Apple simply went to seek the best prices from the subcontractors who are responsible for designing its iPad 2022. Among these, we find Samsung for the screen. However, we know that Korean tablets are precisely less expensive than iPads: it is therefore sufficient to obtain supplies from the competition! Smart. Apple has been able to offer us here a thunderous iPad, which contrasts with previous generations while resuming the same process of partnership with foreign brands to offer us a device that is still just as effective.

On the chip side, the schematic is the same. Apple preferred to go through TSMC, which develops the hardware following Apple’s plans, rather than going to Qualcomm. In this way, Cupertino guarantees you a processor at the best price, not to mention that it is also one of the performers of its generation. Indeed, the A14 Bionic chip was already under the hood of the iPhone 12, in their time already considered the fastest mobiles.

iPad 2022

iPad 2022 © Apple

Why choose an iPad 10 in 2022

The iPad 10 is therefore the iPad with the best price that it is possible to find in 2022. But this is also explained because its technical sheet is a little less extensive than that of the other tablets signed Apple… Indeed, here , no Face ID for example, but a fingerprint sensor installed under a button on the side. In addition, you should know that the screen is not laminated unlike that of an iPad Pro or an iPad Air 5. You may therefore have a little trouble for a film that is a bit dark in direct sunlight. . Be aware, however, that the chip offers very beautiful images, very quickly, thanks to a graphics card optimized jointly with iPadOS by the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, the tenth generation iPad clearly stands out as the best choice for entertainment. Indeed, its screen still measures 10.9 inches diagonally and the sound is quite good, which makes it ideal for movies and series. Thanks to the App Store, Apple TV+ and Apple Music are available, as are Netflix or Spotify. What’s more, the iPad 10 in its version with mobile data is compatible with 5G. And as seen above, the storage capacity starts at 64 GB for cheap, but you can also opt for 256 GB by paying more.

Tenth generation iPad

Tenth generation iPad © Presse-citron.net

The iPad 10 also has a wide-angle photo sensor which is ideal for taking pictures of your friends or your home. The lens is the one that Apple was able to find at the best price and is therefore necessarily limited to twelve megapixels more precisely. With this, know that the iPad 10 charges with a USB-C cable. Thus, you will not need to multiply the chargers: it is really practical. The 2022 iPad can last about ten hours on a single charge, so you can use it on public transport without fear of running out.

On the compatibility side, know that buying the iPad 10 will make you eligible to use the first generation of the Apple Pencil. However, it turns out that it is really not expensive, in any case much less than the second generation! A real plus. And as a bonus, the tenth generation iPad can plug into the Magic Keyboard Folio via the Smart Connector. This accessory incorporates a touchpad like the Magic Trackpad as well as function keys to adjust the brightness or volume of the tablet. The iPad 10 was released in 2022 and should therefore in theory receive updates until at least 2027, maybe even until 2029.

iPad 10

iPad 10 © Apple

In terms of pure dimensions, buy the iPad 10 and you’ll be entitled to about 25 cm high, 18 cm wide and only 7 mm thick: a wasp waist. You can therefore take it everywhere with you, including on the plane, in order to pay less for your ticket without additional checked baggage. The weight, for its part, reaches 477 g for the version at the best price (without 5G) or 481 g if you adopt a 5G modem. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, on the other hand, are included in all models of the tenth generation iPad, without distinction.

Where to buy an iPad 10 at the best price?

So here’s the final answer for the best price of the iPad 10: it’s €589.00 for the grind with 64GB of internal storage. If you’re looking for an iPad 10 with 256GB, the best price is €789.00 in the UK today. You won’t find an iPad this cheap in 2022, at least when it comes to the tenth generation. And we don’t recommend you to buy refurbished iPad, which is not guaranteed well enough.

Before finishing, here is a comparison for the best price for an iPad 10 in 64 GB:

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €589

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Finally, the best price for an iPad 10 with 256 internal storage:

iPad 10 256 GB at the best price
Base price: €789

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