Will the MCU ever end? This Marvel executive responds


Since 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been running counters and dominating the entire industry when it comes to box office numbers. Faced with such a success, many are wondering when this story, which is now available in the form of films and series, will end.

Optimism is in order at Marvel

The answer to this question is probably never according to the words of Nate Moore, the vice president of production and development of Marvel Studios. He was a guest on Matthew Belloni’s podcast, The Town, during which he addressed this subject. He explains thus:

I think it can last a long time. I think we have to keep working. We cannot rest on our laurels. We can’t think we have everything under control. We have to keep pushing the boundaries in terms of genre and what we’re willing to explore.

He adds : ” But to me, Marvel movies are just movies. Our source material is just… It’s like saying, “Are the movies about the books going to last forever?”. Most likely. »

Of course, no one will be surprised to see a Marvel executive show such optimism. Anyway, the Disney studio already has plans until 2032. Several Avengers feature films are already in preparation, and the big bad who will replace Thanos is already known. It is Kang the Conqueror who is played by the actor.

Marvel is starting to tire some of its fans

While the end of the MCU probably won’t come from a lack of material or stories to tell, it could well come from a decline in interest from the public. Besides, we recently told you about this survey conducted by the Fandom platform. This survey made it possible to question 5,000 pop-culture fans aged 13 to 54.

The finding is quite alarming for Marvel, since it appears that 36% of MCU fans say they feel tired of superheroes. Perhaps the profusion of films and series throughout the year is beginning to produce a negative impact on the public. Besides, we can also see that the box office figures for Marvel films are worse than in the past in 2022.

For your part, do you think that there are too many Marvel productions broadcast today and that the studio would benefit from slowing down the pace? Tell us in the comments.

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