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The year 2022 has been particularly complicated for all those who have tried to obtain a new passport or one of the new identity cards in CB format. In all, more than 7 million French people filed an application in 2022, which visibly clogged the competent services, since it is often necessary to wait several months at the moment before obtaining a new passport or identity card.

But the problem is not new. Between the pre-COVID period and now, the delays have increased threefold. This was the case with the dematerialization of requests, which led to staff reductions. But also according to several sources, problems with the rhythm of production on the side of the ANTS – and an increase of around 30% in requests over the months of May to June, compared to the same period in 2019.

Passport, identity card: why are deadlines exploding?

A “catch-up effect” following the end of the pandemic and containment measures. The result is lead times ranging from 1 month in Corsica, the best-off prefecture, to up to 6 months in the Pays de la Loire prefecture. As a result, the government put in place an emergency plan in the summer to try to stem the situation. 400 additional fingerprinting devices have been installed throughout France in order to better absorb the level of requests.

In all, 2,300 town halls are currently authorized to process this type of request. Locally, the wait is sometimes a little reduced compared to the situation a few weeks ago, but the delays remain particularly long. Especially since the switchboard of town halls is rarely reachable at the moment because of this high influx, which adds, for users, additional barriers to obtaining titles.

Recruitment is underway in the most congested town halls. But while waiting for the various efforts to stem the situation to produce their effects, the ANTS is launching a website dedicated to Passport and Identity Card applications. On this site you can consult the list of necessary documents, buy a tax stamp online, and even search for an appointment available directly to save time.

It is also possible to consult the list of cities adhering to dematerialization, geolocate a town hall that can process your request, and even find an authorized photographer. And above all make a pre-request, which will speed up your passage to the town hall. To submit your application and obtain your secure permit more quickly, go to

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