7 lipsticks that will treat your mouth in addition to coloring it! (1/9)


Lips often dry out and crack faster than skin in general. External factors, such as weather conditions, put our lips to the test. Cold, heat and wind are real challenges for the thin skin of our lips. Weather changes with large temperature differences, dry air from heating or air conditioning systems do not go well with the fragile skin of our lips. Food, especially acidic foods, pinching yourself, biting your lips, oral hygiene, skin lesions are also factors that can damage them. Over time, the lips become thinner, less fleshy, drier, with fine vertical lines…

To prevent the lips from becoming dehydrated and chapped, we recommend a scrub to be applied once a week. On the lipstick side, we opt for a moisturizing product. Gone are the drying matte finishes, we turn to nourishing lipsticks enriched with argan oil or shea butter, but also with hyaluronic acid or collagen. Only downside: unlike classic formulas, moisturizing lipsticks do not provide long-lasting hold. We therefore think of taking it well in our handbag, just to be able to have a touch-up session as soon as we wish.

Start by redrawing your lip with a pencil coordinated with your lipstick (never darker!) starting with the Cupid’s bow. Then tap it with your finger to soften its line. Then lacquer it with luminous moisturizing reds such as apricot, pink, coral, carmine or darker like plums and mysterious purples…

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