How Samsung wants to help you repair your smartphone yourself


In recent years, Samsung has multiplied initiatives aimed at extending the life of its smartphones. Gestures which, in addition to sweeping away potential accusations of planned obsolescence, are ecological. Indeed, the fact that a device can be kept longer by its user saves natural resources and reduces electronic waste.

For example, Samsung has committed to providing software updates for its smartphones for longer, which allows these devices to be used without risk to personal data. The Korean giant has also set itself the goal of deploying new versions of Android as quickly as possible on Galaxy devices.

Samsung: an app to do the repairs yourself

In terms of repairs, like Apple and Google, Samsung now allows its users to carry out these repairs themselves. The brand has partnered with iFixit to offer repair kits.

And although these self-repairs are not recommended for people who do not have the minimum technical knowledge required, Samsung’s announcement has been acclaimed, especially by the DIY community. In any case, Samsung does not intend to stop there.

After the launch of self-repair kits, the Galaxy smartphone maker could also launch a dedicated app for those who want to repair their devices. For the moment, no official announcement has been made.

But our colleagues from Sammobile, while rummaging through a database, discovered the existence of this project. According to a registered trademark owned by Samsung, the company intends to launch a new application called “SELF REPAIR ASSISTANT”. Basically, an assistant for self-repair.

Smartphones, tablets, connected watches and headphones

And if the name of the future application is not explicit enough for you, additional information is provided in the description: “Computer application software for mobile telephones for the self-repair of smart telephones; mobile phone application software for self-installation and self-maintenance of smart phones […]”

According to the same description, the app could also help Samsung customers repair their smartwatches, tablets, and headphones.

At a time when planned obsolescence is frowned upon, and e-waste is a major concern, creating such an app would be another good move from Samsung. But for the moment, we do not know when this app will be launched, and if it will be offered in Europe (the trademark having been registered in the United States).

Otherwise, as Sammobile notes, official Samsung self-repair kits are still only available for a limited number of models. And we are still waiting for an extension of the program to other Galaxy smartphones.

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