which one to buy for Christmas?


On his return to Apple management, Steve Jobs had removed many ranges and products that made the offer more complex – to better put the spotlight on the new Apple that was about to be born. 14 years after the release of the first iPhone, and 11 years after the release of the first iPad, Apple is back with ranges that are increasingly complex and, no doubt, less and less readable.

There are now classic iPads, iPad minis, iPad Airs, iPad Pros and even an iPad Pro with an M1 chip. Apple tablets are still the best on the market. They have the best design, the best screens, the best performance, and – hands down – the best interface.

Paired with a protective keyboard cover, the best iPad 2022 can easily do almost anything you can do with a computer. Wanna try ? We help you choose the best iPad of 2022 with this comparison.

Top 5 Best iPad 2022 :

  1. iPad Pro M2
  2. iPad Air 5
  3. iPad 10
  4. iPad 9
  5. iPad mini 6

1- iPad Pro M2

The best computer-like iPad 2022

iPad Pro 2020

© Presse-citron.net

With its best iPad 2022 the iPad Pro M2, Apple promises some users to put their laptop in the closet. The CPU is 15% faster than the M1 models, the 10-core GPU allows for a 35% performance boost. The iPad Pro 2022 can also capture ProRes video, and transcode ProRes footage 3x faster.

Buy iPad Pro M2

With Hover (or flyover in French), new features are accessible by hovering over the iPad with the Apple Pencil. This functionality also allows for example to enlarge the text fields when the Pencil approaches the screen. We still have 11″ and 12.9″ models. The 11″ variant has a Liquid Retina display with up to 600 nits brightness, DCI-P3 gamut, True Tone and ProMotion.

The 12.9″ model has a pretty incredible Liquid Retina XDR screen, with a peak brightness of 1,600 nits (and 1,000 nits of full screen brightness), a contrast of 1,000,000:1. The rendering is close to OLED screens with brightness and color accuracy facilitated by IPS technology.

iPad Pro 12.9″ M2 128 GB (2022) at the best price
Base price: €1,469

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2- iPad Air 5

The best mid-range iPad 2022 that looks like iPad Pro

ipad air 5 review apple pencil

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If you’re looking for the features of the latest iPad Pro, with magnetic Apple Pencil 2 that charges wirelessly on the side and the latest super-powerful Apple Silicon M1 chip, then the latest iPad Air 5 is the tablet for you. The is indeed offered at a price around 700 € which places it at the intersection between a classic iPad, an iPad mini and an iPad Pro.

Buy iPad Air 5

The iPad Air 5 is the thinnest and lightest 11″ iPad with a thickness of just 6.1 mm (461g). The casing is made of recycled aluminum and is available in Space Grey, Stellar Light, Pink, Mauve and Blue. The device offers a Liquid Retina Display (not the more advanced XDR display exclusive to the larger of the latest iPad Pros). It covers 100% of the DCI-P3 range and is True Tone compatible. The refresh rate is classic, 60 Hz.

It has a new Center Stage compatible smart webcam, which always follows you during conversations. For the rest the iPad Air 5 can be accompanied by a Smart Cover, protective case that folds back on itself (thanks to a clever folding system) to tilt the iPad slightly or position it upright to watch videos. It is also compatible with the latest Magic Keyboard.

iPad Air 5 64 GB 5G at the best price
Base price: €869

3- iPad 10

The best iPad to enter the Apple ecosystem

Apple iPad 10

© Apple

The iPad 10, launched in late 2022, is hands down the best iPad to start with. Its price probably does not make it the model for all budgets, but it has undeniable qualities appreciated by users. Its distinctive signs are its acid colors and its fingerprint sensor integrated into the ON button.

On this generation, Apple implemented a USB-C port instead of the proprietary Lightning port. The tablet embeds an A14 chip and is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus. Note, however, that it is only compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil. And that to charge it from the tablet you will need a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Buy iPad 10

On the photo side, the tablet has premium 12 Mp sensors on both sides. iPad 10 features WiFi 6 and 5G connectivity for super-fast connections. It is compatible with the Magic Keyboard Folio.

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €589

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4- iPad 9

The best entry-level iPad 2022

iPad 9

© Apple

The iPad 9 is for customers with the tightest budget. In other words, it’s what Apple might call its best “entry-level” 2022 iPad. Even if, as you know, this kind of qualifiers is not very suitable for the brand’s products – on the whole rather luxurious and Premium. On this generation, we nevertheless remain rather on the essentials. The tablet does not adopt the design with regular borders that the brand now rolls out on almost all its other models.

Buy iPad 9

The screens with rounded edges were undoubtedly much more expensive… for the rest, we have the addition of a new A13 Bionic chip, the same as on the iPhone 11. This chip delivers 20% better performance. The device features a 10.2″ Retina screen identical to previous iterations with a definition of 1620×2169 px and a pixel density of 264 dpi.

The model includes a new 12 Mp selfie sensor that replaces the previous sensor of only 1.2 Mp. The cheapest variants now come with 64 GB of internal storage. The model is also compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil, and the Smart Keyboard accessory. It has a Smart Connector that allows it to connect to more accessories.

iPad 9 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €389

5- iPad mini 6

Arguably the best 2022 iPad for a majority of users

iPad mini 6 grip review

© Lemon squeezer

This iPad may seduce you in more ways than one. The 6th generation of iPad mini was an opportunity for Apple to make a major redesign. Apple has modeled the new model on the codes of the best iPad Pro with an 8.3″ screen with regular rounded edges. This screen is 2266 x 1488 px and is both slightly higher and less wide than on the previous generation.

Buy iPad mini 6

As a result, the Home button has been removed and replaced with a TouchID sensor on the standby button. Another change: the volume buttons have been moved to the top to make way for a side magnetic charging pad for the Apple Pencil – compatible with this tablet. In terms of performance, we have an A15 Bionic chip like on the iPhone 13.

The tablet is available in a 5G version. The result is an incredibly powerful and portable tablet. We literally want it to follow us everywhere at the same time as the smartphone!

iPad mini 6 64 GB at the best price
Base price: €559

Conclusion: which iPad to offer at Christmas?

All Apple products are of exceptional quality and whichever iPad 2022 is the best for you, you won’t be disappointed with its performance or any aspect of the user experience. As a result, the best advice we can give to most of our readers is not to spend too much – and instead choose the model that best suits your budget.

But of course it all depends on your needs. iPads with an M2 chip, for example, will deliver better performance if you perform very demanding tasks on it, such as video editing or 3D design. The iPad Pro M2s are also the tablets that bring together all the latest novelties available, and are likely to attract many users who could quite be satisfied with cheaper models (almost) as well equipped.

The iPad Air 5 is therefore in our opinion the best iPad 2022 if you are attracted by the new iPad Pro design and its features. It has an overpowered M1 chip (and therefore provides access to future exclusive features of iPadOS 16). It is fully compatible with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil (which charges by induction on one side of the tablet) and the Magic Keyboard protective covers. Its 12 Mp video sensor is equipped with Center Stage technology that follows you even if you leave the field.

It has a USB type C port compatible with many peripherals including external displays. In short, it is clearly the best if you are seduced by the Pro models but find them a little too expensive. Alternatively, the iPad mini 6 has everything the perfect tablet for advanced applications such as piloting airliners thanks to its small size and unparalleled power.

The most “entry-level” iPad 9 is the best 2022 iPad for those on a tight budget – with decent performance, but a screen and overall design that’s starting to look dated. It is therefore up to you to see what your real needs are to choose the best iPad 2022. Come back to this file: we regularly add the latest references offered by Apple.

iPad Pro M1 12.9”

iPad Pro Apple M1

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