Tesla’s electric truck can do Paris-Marseille without recharging


Although Tesla is going through a complicated period with its vehicles, more than 300,000 models have recently been recalled, this does not prevent the American manufacturer from actively preparing the launch of its highly anticipated Semi. Announced in 2017, Tesla’s electric heavyweight is coming in a few days, and the latter promises (in its premium version) a range of more than 800 km. This weekend, a few hours before the official launch of this Tesla heavyweight, it was Elon Musk who wanted, via Twitter of course, to confirm the news. It was time !

The Tesla Semi is (really) ready to roll

The new CEO of Twitter has indeed confirmed that the Tesla team had just completed an 804 km journey aboard a Semi truck, on a single charge. Other weight information, and in order to cut short any rumour, the Tesla Semi in question was not running empty, since it had a total weight of 36 tonnes, i.e. a fully loaded truck.

An announcement that seems to come very late, just a few days from the first deliveries, still scheduled for December 1. Still, with such autonomy and an operating cost that should be much lower than diesel, Tesla’s electric trucks could have a major impact on road transport. Remember in passing that the Tesla Semi truck also benefits from a fast charging system, since the latter is able to recover up to 70% autonomy in just 30 minutes of charging.

Tesla had already confirmed that its electric trucks will be able to drive a total distance of 482 km for the models offered at $150,000. A second version, sold at 180,000 dollars, will therefore allow you to travel a total of 800 km on a single charge. It was the American Pepsi which was the first to order a fleet of Tesla Semis, and the company should soon welcome a total of 100 electric trucks in its garages.

In the United Kingdom, the manager of the British transport network has already warned of the peaks in electricity consumption that Tesla trucks (and others) will generate. The latter estimates in particular that a charging area intended for these same Tesla Semi electric trucks could consume as much… as a small American town by 2035.

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