Starlink doubles the price of connection kit in Ukraine


Potential new Ukraine-based Starlink customers will have to pay almost twice as much for their connection kit as before – as well as a subscription $15 more expensive than in recent weeks. Indeed, according to the official website of the satellite ISP, the price of the kit containing satellite antenna, cables and internet router for Ukrainians goes from $385 to $700.

The monthly subscription goes from $60 to $75. However, it should be noted that Starlink initially charged $100 per month for its access. Price increases are also observed in Poland. The change was simply announced by an update to the Starlink site. The operator gives no explanation of the reasons for this increase.

Starlink price increases sharply in Ukraine without any official explanation

Starlink responded rather quickly to the call from the Ukrainians to provide them with connection kits at the start of the conflict. It must be said that faced with the extent of the destruction of infrastructure by Russian missiles, access to the Internet or even more simply to the network is becoming more and more complicated.

This did not prevent the subject from experiencing some adventures: the first accesses were partly financed by Starlink and the American government. But after the latter’s withdrawal, Starlink threatened to stop funding access for the Ukrainian government.

Before changing his mind in front of the reactions of Internet users, while ensuring that Starlink would finance these accesses at a loss until the end of the conflict. For many Ukrainians, Starlink has become the only way to communicate with relatives. Service not relying on damage-prone cable networks remains accessible as long as the antenna has a clear view of the sky.

Consequently, the more the network cuts multiply, the more the Ukrainians are encouraged to join the service. However, this price increase may prevent many people from subscribing. Given the high price that Ukrainians must now pay to access Starlink, it is assumed that the government and the army of Ukraine can use the service free of charge.

However, the exact details of exactly what Starlink is funding are unclear. Similarly, it is not known if anything changes in the service provided by Starlink to the authorities of Ukraine as a result of this price increase. Or if this readjustment is a simple attempt by the ISP to cover its costs.

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