what is this Netflix Star Wars directed by Zack Snyder?


It’s a shocking duo. Zack Snyder joins forces with Netflix to create a new sci-fi franchise dubbed Rebel Moon. Two films have already been ordered by the streaming platform. The filmmaker, who has been working on this project for a long time, presents this new saga as being inspired by Star Wars but in a more mature version. In any case, there is an exhilarating side to the creation of a whole new cinematic universe.

What is the story of Rebel Moon?

The pitch of Rebel Moon is obviously reminiscent of Star Wars. The story takes place in a colony located on the edge of a galaxy that is threatened by the regent Balisarius. To get out of it, the inhabitants entrust a young woman with a mysterious past with the task of fetching warriors to organize the resistance. They will have a hard time dealing with the tyrannical troops that threaten this peaceful land.

What casting for Rebel Moon?

The least we can say is that Zack Snyder has put the small dishes in the big ones concerning the distribution of the film. We find in particular Anthony Hopkins who will lend his voice to the JC1435 robot. This character once protected a king who was defeated.

French actress Sofia Boutella is also there. She plays Kora, the enigmatic young woman who has the task of helping to gather troops. In the past, we have already seen it at work in large productions, and in particular Kingsmanor Star Trek Beyond.

And that’s not all, since Ed Skrein will play the role of the regent Balisarius. The latter is particularly known for his participation in the series Game Of Thronesbut also Alita: Battle Angeland Dead Pool.

Finally, the cast is completed by personalities such as Charlie Hunnam, Cleopatra Coleman, Michiel Huisman, Jena Malone, Cary Elwes, Stuart Martin, Kingston Foster, Alfonso Herrera, Ingvar Sigurdsson, or even Ray Fisher.

When will Rebel Moon be released on Netflix?

For now, Netflix has not revealed the release date of Rebel Moon. However, we can expect the third or fourth quarter of 2023. In any case, filming started in April 2022 and will end very soon. However, we know that for this type of film an important post-production work is to be expected, which makes the distribution times all the more uncertain.

For your part, what do you think of this new production by Zack Snyder, and can it become a successful saga? Tell us in the comments.


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