This app promises to exchange iMessages on Android


Blue bubble or green bubble? iPhone users have become accustomed to recognizing their interlocutors who are also equipped with a Pommé smartphone thanks to the iMessage color code. In blue the messages of iPhone-usersin green those of users of other Android smartphones.

The messaging created by Apple is one of the most popular with iPhone users. Simple, fast, full of features and above all very secure, iMessage limits many features to the Big Apple ecosystem. Until now…

In effect, a new application called Sunbirdavailable for the moment for a handful of beta testers, promises to put an end to this between-itself.

iMessage on Android finally possible?

In fact, Sunbird promises to be an aggregator of instant messaging services. According to Android Authority who has already been able to use the application, it will be possible to add WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram to Sunbird. This centralization of services, as you will have understood, would therefore make communications much simpler.

Until now, no developer had succeeded in integrating iMessage into a device other than an iPhone. However, Sunbird released a video in which a user sent iMessages from a Samsung smartphone, running Android.

Publicity shot ? For now, everything leads us to believe it. Android Authority journalists attempted to carry out the experiment. Although they were able to link their Apple account to the Sunbird application, messages sent from an Android smartphone never reached their recipients.

Asked by Android Authority reporters, Sunbird developers explained that it would be possible to exchange iMessage from Android devices. But for now, they must refine their recipe, the application is currently only available for a limited number of testers.

Sunbird would use the same method of connecting to Apple services as the Beeper application, which offers more or less the same functionalities. With one detail: Sunbird would retain end-to-end encryption, iMessage’s great strength.

Sunbird is therefore not yet available but it is possible to register to test the application in beta version. Sunbird will be free at launch but adding alternative messengers will require getting your hands on the wallet. The company has not yet given any details on its tariff plan.

The service offered by Sunbird could be of interest to European authorities. Indeed, the recent texts of laws governing the digital giants (DMA and DSA) plan to make communications easier between the different services.

Thus, all messaging services will need to be capable of interconnections. For example, send a message from WhatsApp to iMessage seamlessly and from any device.

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