Tree 101


Tree 101

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christmas tree 101

Now is the time to choose your Christmas tree! Here is everything you need to know in order to select the best natural tree for your needs as well as how to maintain it to keep it beautiful until the big day.

When to buy a natural tree

Most natural trees can easily last up to four weeks, and sometimes even up to six weeks, in the house. Buying it at the beginning of December is therefore ideal. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to make the most of its freshness.

Select your tree

Avoid buying a tree if:

  • It was cut several days or weeks ago, since it will dry out quickly. The tree must be inspected to ensure its freshness.
  • He loses a lot of needles or if several are brown. It is not a good sign!

Christmas tree essences

Two species of Christmas trees are more common in Canada: balsam and Fraser. Balsam fir is more fragrant, while Fraser sheds (slightly) less needles and often stays beautiful longer.

Balsam also generally has more flexible branches, which sag more easily than Fraser. It is essential to think about it when the ornaments are bigger and heavier.

Cut the tree trunk

In order to keep the tree as fresh as possible, the trunk must be cut just before placing it in its support. Most places that sell natural trees can usually do this for you. Otherwise, it is not necessary to remove much (about 2 cm).

Select a support for your tree

It is essential to choose a support in which the trunk can enter easily. The fir “drinks” mainly through its outer layers. It is therefore not necessary to drill holes in it to water it.

How to water your tree

The tree will need a regular amount of water in its stand. Depending on the species, the freshness of the tree and the trees themselves, the amount of water consumed will vary. A fresh tree will absorb more water than it will at the end of the holiday season.

After returning the tree, it is best to completely fill the tank of the support. Then check the water level every day. Make sure the trunk is always soaked.

In order to minimize the risk of fire, but especially to prevent the tree from drying out more quickly than necessary, it is essential to place the tree away from heat sources, including heaters and hot air vents, but also fireplaces and wood stoves. It is even advisable to move the tree away from sunny windows.

christmas lights

Believe it or not, the type and amount of lights greatly affects the coolness of the tree. Lots of big lights can cause your tree to dry out faster.

Instead, use smaller lights, ideally of the LED type, whose wattage is very low and above all that do not produce heat in order to prolong the freshness of your tree.

Your tree is not firewood

Never attempt to burn fir wood in a fireplace or wood stove. This type of resinous tree will indeed ignite very quickly and much too strongly for most domestic homes.

Fir trees will also release creosote, which can accumulate in the chimney and cause a fire. Eventually, the resin can even cause explosions. This is a very real household hazard.

You are now ready to choose the most beautiful tree!

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