Fashion: The pieces to avoid wearing after 50!


It’s possible to have style, be chic and shine at 50! And we will show you! Whether you are a fashionista or not, there are pieces to favor and conversely, to avoid when you are over 50 years old. Discover how to have style while remaining chic and elegant at 50! Zoom on our style tips and the pieces to avoid to shine!

1. The Crop Top

This piece is certainly trendy, but not necessarily suitable for all ages. The Crop Top has become the star of girls aged 15 to 25, but at 50, this piece will not necessarily make you look good. Rather orient yourself towards pretty lace blouses like those of Esther June Life, for example. This chic and structured piece will give you a very feminine style that we love.

2. The micro skirt

When you are 50 and over, the micro skirt is not a piece to have in your wardrobe. Instead, favor skirts that reach mid-thigh, mid-calf or even long. Avoid below-the-knee lengths that can bunch you up and give you a cheesy look. We love the look proposed by Boho Addict which combines a pretty mid-length slit skirt with a chic and effective black sweater. Animal print worn sparingly can give you a lot of style.

3. Leggings

Leggings are not classy. It’s moldy, it’s often in a cheap material and it doesn’t make you look good. On the other hand, opt for pretty flowing, high-waisted pants in a pretty material. The high waist will highlight your waist and refine your silhouette. And the fluidity will lengthen your pretty legs. For a very sophisticated look, we combine a white shirt and our fluid pants like the influencer The Babooshka.

4. Faded jeans

When you are 50 and over, you avoid faded or holey jeans. We prefer raw, straight and good quality jeans. Wear this piece with chic tops like a blouse, shirt or even a trench coat. To find quality jeans, go to Sézane, Promod, Mango or Balzac Paris.

5. The denim micro shorts

Denim micro-shorts are not quite suitable when you get older. Here, we advise you instead to bet only high-waisted denim shorts. The best option is flowy fabric shorts like Cindy.P’s. We love these magnificent beige shorts, very chic, paired with a pretty cotton gauze blouse.

6. The T-shirt informs

Do you have t-shirts that have been lying around in your closet for 20 years? Well, forget it! To stay chic and stylish at 50, avoid damaged round-neck t-shirts that don’t show you off. These pieces are replaced by blouses, blouses or even shirts.
To wear a t-shirt with style, opt for good quality pieces, rather colorful and with fun messages, for example. Indeed, it can modernize your outfit and make you shine! For example, fall for this pretty eco-responsible brand “Slow down Simone” which offers t-shirts with ultra positive and joyful messages! Don’t forget to tuck your t-shirt into your pants for added style.

7. Damaged clothes

When you’re 50, you stop wearing damaged clothes. We give or we throw away his pilled sweaters, his pieces with holes or faded. Discover our tips to prevent your sweaters from pilling!

8. Poor quality parts

To be chic and stylish, it is best to bet on quality pieces. We favor noble materials such as linen, cotton, wool, raw jeans, or even satin. We avoid cheap materials such as elastane, viscose, polyamide or polyester. To do this, look carefully at the labels and bet on attractive brands such as: Mango, Zara, Ba&sh, Massimo Dutti, UNIQLO, Sézane or Comptoir des Cotonniers.

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