Giving a cat or a dog as a gift at Christmas: good or bad idea?


Who wouldn’t love the image of a puppy or a kitten coming out of a gift box at the end of Christmas dinner or wearing a big ribbon? While offering a pet at Christmas seems like THE good idea, the reality is not always the same. Are you thinking of offering a little four-legged friend to one of your loved ones? Take the time to weigh the pros and cons before you start.

A dog or a cat for Christmas: a bad idea

First of all, it is essential to remember that pets are not toys: you don’t buy a dog or a cat just to please your child. While soft toys offer softness without requiring any maintenance, the same is not true for an animal. The latter will certainly bring tenderness and comfort, but they will also require great attention from their new master. Indeed, you have to think about feeding this little companion every day, taking it out if it’s a dog, cleaning up the needs that escape it in the house if it’s a baby, and accepting find eaten slippers and shredded curtains in the early days. Not all adults are ready to take on such a burden, so the task becomes even more difficult when the animal is intended for a child! Not to mention that owning a pet also requires having the means to feed it, to have it vaccinated and to have it treated if it falls ill. Before falling for a little furry animal, we also think about who will keep it if you can’t take it on vacation, and if the person for whom it is intended will have enough time every day to play with it. and cuddle him. These are all questions to ask yourself because, if the answers are mostly negative, then you will have to think of other Christmas gift ideas.

A dog or a cat for Christmas: a good idea


Giving a dog or a cat as a gift at Christmas can however turn out to be a good idea under certain conditions. This new companion can first of all bring real comfort and pleasant company to a person who feels alone. As far as children are concerned, a puppy or a kitten can also allow them to have a daily confidant, and a friend with whom to share moments of play and complicity. Offering a dog or a cat to your child can also be an excellent way to empower him, by entrusting him with certain specific tasks such as giving him water or even brushing him regularly. The more your child grows, the more you can assign him additional missions such as feeding his pet or cleaning the crate in the case of a cat. Your child will feel useful and will realize the importance of his role in the well-being of his companion.

In any case, remember to choose the breed of animal that you are going to offer according to the age of your child so that the cohabitation is healthy and harmonious.

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