Are you waiting for the Apple car? We have bad news


Apple has been interested in the automobile for years. And if for the moment, the firm does not mention this project publicly, unofficial information circulates regularly.

For example, last year, a Bloomberg article said that Apple was aiming to release its first vehicle in 2025. And at the time, according to the US agency’s sources, Apple wanted to offer fully autonomous cars. The firm would have even already developed the Apple Silicon chip of the vehicle.

New target: 2026

But developing an electric and autonomous car is not an easy task. And today, according to a new article from Bloomberg, Apple has lowered its ambitions.

Citing his sources, he indicates that from now on, Apple is no longer aiming to produce 100% autonomous cars. The brand at the apple would rather release a vehicle requiring a driver, but which could have autonomous functions on the highways.

Now, Apple would also be less ambitious when it comes to the release. Indeed, the Apple Car would not be released before 2026.

Apple’s AR / VR headset would also be late

Of course, for the moment, this information should be considered with caution, since it is only rumors. Otherwise, it should be noted that Bloomberg publishes this article while recently another source mentioned a possible delay on Apple’s other major project.

As you probably already know, Apple is preparing to enter the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. Moreover, Tim Cook, the boss of the firm, has trouble hiding his interest in technology.

In a recent publication, analyst Ming Chi Kuo indicates that mass production of Apple’s AR/VR headset could be delayed to the second half of 2023, due to software problems. According to this analyst, Apple initially planned to start production in the second quarter.

The iPhone maker is already big on electric cars

While Apple is still struggling to develop its electric car, its historical partner, Foxconn, is already fully committed to this industry. As a reminder, it is this company that produces the majority of iPhones for Apple, in Asia (and mainly in China).

Today, Foxconn aims to replicate its success with producing iPhones for Apple in the electric vehicle market. And in a recent article, we also mentioned a possible rapprochement between the Asian company and the German brand Volkswagen.

In October 2021, Foxconn also showed its muscles by lifting the veil on three prototypes of electric vehicles.

And according to an article by TechCrunch, on this occasion the company explained that when it comes to electric cars, it is no longer a novice. Foxconn’s ambition would be to develop a business worth 36 billion dollars a year.

Two other prototypes, an SUV and a pick-up, were presented in October 2022.

Otherwise, it should also be remembered that in China, one of Apple’s main competitors in smartphones is eyeing market share in the electric car. This is Xiaomi, which has already formalized the creation of its subsidiary specializing in the automobile.

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