4 excellent unnoticed series to watch absolutely


It is not uncommon for the editorial team to share its little serial nuggets (often on Fridays, by the way). If we sometimes find ourselves on the biggest successes of the platforms, it happens that we unearth here and there series that have unfairly gone unnoticed.

So we thought that a small selection of masterpieces that haven’t had the chance to be highlighted by the marketing departments might be of interest to you. so here’s 4 excellent series that you may have missed and that you absolutely must watch.

The Bear on Disney+

Among the series that have flown under the radar during their releases this year, I instantly think of The Bear: eat in or take away. After a release across the Atlantic on Hulu this summer, the series has been available here on Disney+ since October. With only eight episodes of approximately 30 minuteswe can say that The Bear is a series that is easily devoured. That’s good, she’s talking about cooking.

After passing through the greatest gourmet restaurants in New York, Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto returns to her native Chicago to take over the family sandwich shop after the death of her brother. A brutal homecoming for the young man who has his work cut out for him. You have to get the near-shabby restaurant afloat again, deal with debts and other administrative joys, mourn a brother and learn to manage a disorganized team of gruff cooks. An entire program.

If on the menu, a series on a family restaurant does not promise to be exciting, the feat of The Bear is good to succeed in keeping us in suspense over the episodes… Which pass by without us wanting to look away. From the photography to the direction, passing through the carefully chosen music, with the frantic pace, the interesting plot and the impeccable acting, The Bear: eat in or take away holds the keys to success in convincing spectators.

Behind the management of The Original Beef of Chicago restaurant, the series tackles much broader and deeper themes. Thus, the colorful characters move us with their authenticity. The universe depicted by The Bear: eat in or take away is rough but real.

Despite everything, we want to stroll through the dreary streets of Chicago to sit at a table at The Original Beef of Chicago. With a discreet release, the series creates a surprise and imposes itself as a real revelation. This is why it deserves more light. At the table, boss.

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Tokyo Vice on MyCanal

tokyo vice tells the true story of Jake Adelstein. In the 90s, this young journalist manages to get hired in the editorial staff of a prestigious Japanese newspaper. In charge of various facts, his investigations begin to lead him to the slums of Tokyo, where he investigates crimes related to the yakuza.

Intrepid, he very quickly made a name for himself and quickly became very embarrassing for the big godfathers of the local mafia who did not appreciate at all seeing their business revealed to the eyes of the general public.

We will say no more about the history of tokyo vice which was broadcast in France by Canal+. Everything starts very strong, with a first episode directed by Michael Mann which lays the foundations of this spectacular thriller very well.

On the casting side, we appreciate the duo made up of Ansel Elgort who embodies, not without talent, Jake Adlestein, and Ken Watanabe, who places himself in the shoes of Hiroto Katagiri, a very calm Japanese cop who does not remain less determined. That said, the protagonist of tokyo viceit is above all the Japanese capital, of which we are shown the different facets.

The interweaving between the yakuza, the local police, and a press unaccustomed to challenging the established order is meticulously shown in the series. The young hero breaks local codes and customs, which greatly displeases his interlocutors, but also fascinates them.

We emerge captivated and impatient to watch these 8 episodes, which are still available on the MyCanal platform. It only remains to wait until season 2 which has already been confirmed by HBO Max.

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Devs on Disney+

Devs is a mini-series released in 2020 on FX and available on Disney+ – with a certain indifference that is far from being justified. We are on a little gem of science fiction created by the brilliant Alex Garland, with a soundtrack that brings together Ben Salisbury (a reference in film music), Geoff Barrow (prominent member of the group Portishead) and The Insects known for their collaboration with Mass Attackespecially on the pieces Karma Coma and Euroshield in the scrapbook Protection.

Devs plunges us into the near future. A company called Amaya is developing a set of projects around quantum computing. The firm is located in a wooded site, with departments physically separated by fields and forest. However, one of the departments particularly arouses the curiosity of Amaya employees. Indeed, no one knows what the firm is developing there – even though the project seems to swallow up a substantial budget.

We end up following a new recruit who enters this department designed as a real futuristic temple. Amaya’s CEO refuses to tell him what the department is developing. He simply shows him his workstation and some code, which quickly makes him understand that it is about an AI capable of “calculating” and imaging the past as well as the future… but will the genius come out? of the lamp? At the intersection between philosophy, ethics and temporal exploration this series is sure to captivate you.

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Black Bird on Apple TV+

We had already mentioned this series in an article dedicated to Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming service. It is therefore on this platform that you will find the excellent black birda mini-series of 6 episodes of about an hour.

Based on a true story, black bird tells the crazy adventure of Jimmy Keene, a drug trafficker sentenced to 10 years in prison. To obtain his freedom, the FBI offers him a deal as tempting as it is risky: Keene must obtain the confession of Larry Hall, a serial killer detained in a high security prison who is about to be released, the FBI having found none of the bodies of the eighteen women he allegedly killed.

Whether or not you are a fan of movies/series in prison settings, you will necessarily appreciate BlackBird. Because prison is only a setting here in which the two main actors, Taron Egerton/James Keen (Kingsman, Rocketman) and Paul Walter Hauser/Larry Hall (The Richard Jewell case) reveal the extent of their respective talents. Also in the cast, the mythical Ray Liotta in the role of the father of James Keen, always so brilliant.

The game of the main characters is enough to launch the first episode of this genre series. Over the episodes, the production installs us in the costume of James Keen. We saw each scene, each dialogue, each glance exchanged with Larry Hall as if we were there. If Taron Egerton shines, Paul Walter Hauser alone is a reason to watch the series.

Simply summing up Black Bird to the acting of these two characters would be unfair. The photography, the soundtrack, the secondary roles, everything is done with precision. We laugh, we tremble, we cry. black bird makes us go through all the feelings. We ask for more.

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