Google Chrome announces the end of RAM and battery life issues


Google Chrome has many advantages. And since it is the most used browser in the world, you are almost sure that all websites and web applications work properly there.

Indeed, when a developer goes to test his site, he necessarily tests it with the most popular browser. This is also why Microsoft ended up abandoning its EdgeHTML technology, to integrate that of Google (Chromium) into its browser.

The weak point of Google Chrome

On the other hand, Google Chrome is regularly accused of using too many resources. There are tricks to make the browser less RAM and battery intensive, like closing unused tabs.

But now, the firm offers an integrated solution which, according to this one, will drastically reduce the use of the memory and the battery of your laptop. In a blog post, Google announces new performance settings for Chrome: Memory Saver and Energy Saver.

According to the firm, these settings will cause Chrome to “uses up to 40% and 10GB less memory to keep your tabs running smoothly and extend your battery when it’s low.”

Google Chrome gets new tools

The Memory Saver feature is for people who open a lot of tabs, but then don’t close them. Indeed, it will free the memory used by the tabs that are not used, so that the active tabs can be more efficient.

Google Chrome Memory Saver


When activated, the memory saver also allows more resources to be available for demanding apps such as video editors or games. And if the user opens an inactive tab, it will be reloaded by Chrome.

For its part, the Energy Saver function limits background activities and visual effects of sites including animations or videos. It activates when the user has only 20% battery left on their computer.

Google Chrome Energy Saver


You can exempt your favorite sites

In the coming weeks, these two new features will be deployed by Google on the Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS versions of Chrome. The firm also ensures that users will have control over these features.

They can enable or disable them. And regarding the memory, the user will also be able to exempt their favorite sites from the Memory Saver function so that the tabs of these sites continue to use the memory.

While waiting for Google to officially deploy these new features, you can already activate a test version of the energy saver.

Google Chrome
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