here is the summary of all the announcements and the winners of the evening


Tonight is one of the biggest gaming nights of the year at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Like every year in December, producer Geoff Keighley gives us an appointment for the Game Awards ceremony. On the program, a special evening placed under the sign of the big announcements with surprises, trailers, but also numerous awards to reward players in the video game industry.

Where to follow the Game Awards?

The Game Awards ceremony is scheduled to begin tonight at 1 a.m. Paris time. Like every year, it will take about 3 hours of show. It will be to follow LIVE on YouTube and Twitch.

What to expect from The Game Awards 2022?

This year, The Game Awards are expected to last a little shorter than previous years. On the other hand, Geoff Keighley still promised a great show with many announcements, new information and images on highly anticipated games. For the moment, a dozen titles have been confirmed or teased for tonight’s ceremony:

Games confirmed:

  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • tekken 8
  • Among Us
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall
  • Wild Hearts
  • Larian Studios/Baldurs Gate

Teased games:

  • Hideo Kojima’s Next Game (Death Stranding)
  • The next Crash Bandicoot game (Wumpa League)
  • Something from Capcom

The awards of the Game Awards 2022:

The Game Awards aren’t just video game announcements, they’re also award ceremonies to reward members of the industry. A total of 31 categories to reward games, studios, creators and actors who have marked the industry this year.

  • Game of the Year:
  • Best game direction:
  • Best Storytelling:
  • Best Art Direction:
  • Best soundtrack:
  • Best sound design:
  • Best performance:
  • Best Impacting Game:
  • Best current game:
  • Best Indie Game:
  • Best mobile game:
  • Better community support:
  • Better accessibility:
  • Best VR/AR game:
  • Best action game:
  • Best action/adventure game:
  • Best role-playing game (RPG):
  • Best Fighting Game:
  • Best Family Game:
  • Best simulation/strategy:
  • Best Sports/Racing Game:
  • Best multiplayer game:
  • Best First Indie Game:
  • Content Creator of the Year:
  • Best adaptation:
  • Most anticipated game:
  • Best esports game:
  • Best esports athletes:
  • Best esports team:
  • Best esports coach:
  • Best esports event:

The Game Awards evening schedule:

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