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Contents this week: return to the national RTE + Enedis test to anticipate the power cuts planned by the government, the new Italian government is exasperating its neighbors by wanting to kill the credit card and the banks… to return to a completely grayer economy dependent on cash, Google merges the Waze and Google Maps teams, and finally 5 must-watch series on Paramount+.

Current seam: RTE and Enedis test electricity shedding

electrical outlet and switch

While the government is blowing hot (and especially more and more cold) on the power cuts to be feared this winter, RTE and Enedis have carried out energy shedding tests which have caused a wave of panic among some the French. These tests, carried out on Friday, December 9, however, had no real impact on subscribers of energy suppliers. Enedis even recalls that this kind of test is carried out very regularly, without any subscriber noticing anything. But the panic of the French reminds us how tense the situation is likely to be this winter.

The Italian government wants to kill bank cards to return to cash

Euro Coin Stablecoin

While everywhere in Europe, cash is gradually giving way to electronic transactions, making it easier to fight organized crime and the underground economy, the far-right Italian government wants on the contrary… to put an end to with the blue card in Italy. A risky measure for Italy but also the other members of the euro zone. This is why the European texts limit the decisions that the country can take in this matter. But the new far-right president of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, does not seem to care, and intends to put pressure on traders.

Google merges Waze and Google Maps teams


Will the differences in Waze and Google Maps in certain places soon be history? Google, owner of the two mapping apps, had so far let two separate teams exist. The idea is to reduce the costs of Alphabet, which has also announced the closure of a multitude of applications such as Google Hangouts and Stadia. However, in the case of Waze, Google ensures that there will be absolutely no layoffs.

5 Paramount+ series you must watch

paramount plus series

While Paramount + has just landed in France, many are wondering why subscribe to a new streaming platform – even as the offer continues to atomize and strain the household budget of the French. However, the Paramount + catalog contains many beautiful series. We offer you a selection of 5 Paramount+ series to watch absolutely.

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