OUIGO trains activate Wifi, joy among travelers


If you have planned a long train journey to join your family for the end of year celebrations, and you have a TGV OUIGO ticket, we have good news: the SNCF announces that WiFi is available on board all trains, as well as a new entertainment portal that responds to the SNCF’s desire to offer such an offer everywhere, called OUIFUN (it can’t be invented). WiFi access on board these trains also has a small name for the occasion: OUIFI.

It completes the free WiFi access when the train is stopped at the station. Contrary to what is practiced on board other trains such as the classic TGV Inoui, neither internet access nor access to the portal are included in the ticket. Both services are offered for a supplement of 3 euros for WiFI, and 5 euros for the OUIFUN portal (WiFi access is then included). The OUIGO brand does not specify whether or not “OUIFI” internet access is limited, like what the SNCF does on board other trains.

The OUIFI is now available on board all high-speed trains

A priori, the service also uses 4G connectivity on the ground to ensure the connection, and therefore has a limited speed to be shared between all the passengers who have paid to access the service – which is why the SNCF has so far reduced the speed to board its other trains once a given number of megabytes has been reached. For its part, OUIFUN includes, we emphasize, WiFi (if you choose it, there is no need to buy the OUIFUN option).

The service offers a selection of French films such as Gainsbourg – Heroic Life animated films, TV series including Friends and Big Bang Theory. But also many documentaries, access to magazines, daily press titles, many games and podcasts. The service has the advantage of being hosted directly on board the trains.

It is therefore possible to access all of OUIFUN even when the train crosses a poorly covered area, or when internet access seems saturated. Until then, WiFi internet access on OUIGO trains was only available on the Paris-Lyon line. You can subscribe to OUIFI or OUIFUN directly on board OUIGO trains.

It is also possible to subscribe to the service before boarding (after purchasing the ticket). To do this, you can either use the OUIGO mobile app or go to the ouigo.com website. The operator also sends a link to your inbox after purchasing the ticket to help you purchase one of the two options before boarding. Launched in 2013, OUIGO is a low-cost SNCF brand.

OUIGO trains (TGV and conventional trains) are configured in a more frugal way than other SNCF trains. For example, there are no bar cars on these trains, the seat density is higher, there is only one class, all additional services such as seat selection are chargeable, and there is no It is possible to buy OUIGO tickets only on the internet.

Thanks to this, the brand can practice a particularly aggressive price list, with tickets starting at €10 and a price limited to €115 for the most expensive tickets. However, the brand is catching up with paid services. According to OUIGO, 30% of passengers would opt for the seat choice option.

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