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New Year’s Eve is less than a month away and the holiday spirit isn’t knocking on your window yet? Relax, we’ll show you how to create it. One of the surest ways is a brilliant manicure. Try on the latest trends with Professional Nail Boutique and be the most fashionable at the New Year’s party.

Gentle manicure with light reflection

The trend for reflective nails does not give up its positions. A sparkling and very feminine option is gel polish in a delicate shade, for example, peach or pink with reflective microparticles. In daylight, the shimmer delicately shimmers, and on a festive night, in the lights of garlands, it will shine like a diamond crumb. Look for these gel polishes in the Like a Goddess PNB collection for modern goddesses.

Luxurious manicure with potal

Potal is a hot hit in nail design. These are fragments of thin foil that look like gold leaf, precious and elegant. If you need a manicure that will look expensive in a good way, try decorating your nails with potal. Golden particles are very advantageously combined with another trend – a translucent milky coating. Gel polish 323 Hera PNB is a tool that will make you the queen of the evening.

Holographic “cat’s eye”

With the help of a magnet on such a varnish, you can create volumetric highlights on the nails. This is probably not new to you. But the Fireworks PNB magnetic gel polish with holographic sparkles that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, you definitely haven’t seen it yet. It gives an explosive effect of the holiday, so for the New Year this polish is just right. Even the Snow Maiden will envy such a manicure.

If you dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child

Manicure in deep dark colors is a very stylish option for the main night of the year. If you use your favorite dark gel polish as a base, and apply one of the Meteorites 9D PNB magnetic gel polishes on top, you will get a real space on your nails. It shimmers with all constellations at once from Ursa Minor to Aquarius. As a bonus, you can study astronomy.

Triple shine: reflective, gold leaf and shimmer

For those who want to shine to the maximum and be the star of all December parties, 7 new gel polishes in the style of bright and famous divas Shock Effect Celebrity PNB. Each bottle contains a fashionable color, reflective effect, multi-colored leaf and sparkling microshine. The volume effect of depth and the multi-layered radiance look magical. Replicate the look of J. Lo, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry or any of your favorite stars.

Professional Nail Boutique is an innovative brand that has conquered the nail industry and does not stop there. The company’s specialists have been making their customers satisfied for nine years. Four weeks of coverage, innovation and eco-technologies, certified ingredients from the USA and a safe 7-free formula are a strong mark of quality. Which of the shining manicure ideas won your heart? Choose and celebrate the New Year brilliantly.

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